Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anti-Iran ad shown during Nuclear Security Summit

Controversial ads such as the one above made by the 'Israel Project' shown during the Nuclear Security Summit make some very unsettling comparisons. It paints Iran as a dangerous provocative nuclear armed state and even suggests if Iran is not contained in time Washington DC may soon come under missile attack like the Israelis are at the moment from Hamas rocket fire, (a clever rehashing of the Chamberlain appeasement rhetoric, the kind that was used help start the Iraq War to stop Saddam and his chemical missiles; the ones that could hit western nations in 45 minutes).

These ads were clearly made by the supporters of the same people who have been lobbying to preemptively bomb Iran for the past five years!


Naj said...

Do you think this is their barigain price over O's health care bill?

This is incredible!

Naj said...