Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Prophet 5 Maneuvers (6)

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Front to back: Fadjr-5 MRLS, Fadjr-3 MRLS, Noor AShM (?),
Noor AShM, HY-2 CD/AShM, HY-2 CD/AShM

Wolf in sheep's clothing: Noor (C-802) concealed single launcher inside medium commercial truck transport. Sidings removed, accordion roof pulled back, outriggers deployed, cab protected, FCS hoisted, internal box elevated and missile fired.

HY-2G Seersucker aboard mobile launcher. The missile is powered by a liquid-fuel rocket motor, with a solid-fuel rocket booster attached under the missile fuselage.

Missile and launcher in IRGC/ASF service are immaculate

Close up detail of solid fuel engine nozzle

HY-2G Seersucker missile launch

Booster rocket jetison

Fadjr-3 ("dawn-3") 240 mm MRLS in elevated firing position

Fadjr-3 rocket launch

Fadjr-5 ("dawn-5") 333 mm MRLS

Photos: Mahdi Marizad at Fars News Agency and Younes Khani at Mehr News Agency


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures.
good job, Uskowi. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fantastic photos and videos. Could you please provide some analysis, and your opinions, on the effectiveness of the displayed weapons systems? Thanks again.

vulcan933 said...

i saw at presstv the missiles testing. good news. keep the excel work upkawasaki

Anonymous said...

Rudal yang sangat bagus. Seharusnya Indonesia juga punya yang seperti ini.