Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NEZAJA Military Exhibition

Islamic Republic of Iran Armor
click photos to enlarge

Service version Zulfiqar-1 Main Battle Tank

Locally upgraded M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

M113 uprade details, including side mounted screen armor

65th Army Brigade Special Forces

Special Forces team armed with Iranian Uzi
SMGs equipped with "wet" suppressors

Special Forces team firing KLT (AKMS) assault rifles,
and sporting double edged daggers

Close up detail of KLT and possibly a PC-9 (P226) sidearm

Modern day Persian archer with
high tech reflex bow and quiver

Iranian Uzi SMGs. Note leaky "wet" suppressor

Military Special Units

65th Brigade Special Forces (NOHED)
armed with MPT-9 SMGs

Iranian "blue battalion" Marine equpped with G3-A3 and bayonet

Iranian Marines equipped with G3-A3s

IRIAF Security Team with MPT-9S SMGs

IRIADF Security Team with MPT-9S SMGs

Army Aviation

IRIAA helicopter crew shaking hands with
Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan

Note: Any clarifications or corrections appreciated by the author.


Paul Iddon said...

that archer is really cool!

Anonymous said...

What is with the archer?


vulcan933 said...

training hard will make you perfect

Anonymous said...

Using bows and arrows is a good idea for special operations. They are useful for quiet killing. They and crossbows, are also used by other special forces units around the world.

Unknown said...

Only in the movies kiddo.