Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funeral of IRGC Commanders in Mashhad

Large portraits of the late Gen. Shoushtari at his funeral in Mashhad. Note the Farsi handwriting identifying him as a Major General. He was a one-star general when he was killed. The second star is awarded posthumously.

The casket containing the remains of the late Maj. Gen. Shoushtari is the first on the left. Other caskets contain the bodies of the other IRGC commanders killed in a suicide bomb attack in Baluchistan last Sunday.

Gen. Shoushtari's coffin being carried by the public.

Mashhad, Iran. 22 October 2009.
ISNA photos


Anonymous said...

rest in peace brother

Mark Pyruz said...

Interesting that the color guard uses Iranian-equivialnt DCUs. Even the IRGC general at the extreme right does not wear a dress uniform. Unusual use of dress lanyards and shoulder cords worn with DCUs, as well as parade sashes, yellow belts, leggings and gloves.

Pall bearers appear to be Lieutenant 2nd Class (Sotvan dovom ستوان ۲).

Unknown said...

Punish the evil perpertrators. Rest in peace.

Nader Uskowi said...


The pall bearer on the far left is a first lieutenant (Sotvan Yekom).

Mark Pyruz said...

Nader, I only see two stars on his shoulder boards. It's my understanding that there are three grades of Sepah Lieutenant:

- Sotvan sevom (3rd Lieutenant): one star
- Sotvan devom (2nd Lieutenant): two stars
- Sotvan yekom (1st Lieutenant): three stars

There is sometimes confusion owing to the fact that there is no equivalent US rank for "3rd Lieutenant". Alternate ranking name and order is:

- Second Lieutenant
- Lieutenant
- First Lieutenant

Nader Uskowi said...

Mark, you are right. He's a second lieutenant in Sepah.

Naj said...


I consider a lot of people who are in those coffins to be perpetrators as well!

And yet, i didn't wish this kind f punishment for them.