Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Russia: Threats of Sanctions “Counterproductive” – US: Sanctions “Avoidable”

In an open exchange of views on sanctions against Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Minister Sergei Lavrov told the visiting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that Iran sanction threats are “counterproductive.” Clinton replied that sanctions against Iran are still “avoidable.”

“Threats of sanctions and threats of pressure in the current situation are, in our opinion, counterproductive," Lavrov said today in Moscow at a joint press conference with Clinton.

“We are not at that point (when sanctions are inevitable); it is not the conclusion to which we have already come,” Clinton replied [RIA Novosti, 13 October].

“In principle, Russia is very reserved on sanctions, as they rarely produce results,” Lavrov said.

Clinton, who is on a two-day visit to Russia, is scheduled to meet the Russian president later today.


William deB. Mills said...

Lavrov is correct that in modern history, the utility of sanctions for achieving the surrender of an antagonist has proven to be minimal...indeed, counterproductive.

However, the utility of sanctions for achieving other things is much greater. Sanctions are wonderful for demonstrating the "toughness" of politicians - both those who use them to attack another country and those leading the country that is attacked. Every time Obama mentions the words "sactions" and "Iran" in the same sentence, Ahmadinejad's power rises.

Kemjika said...

The rise of CHina,Russia,India and Brazil make sanctions a toothless tiger. Its now a "global economy",so if someone has the demand and money, they will find a supplier. China alone will make these sanctions more inefficient than a gas guzzler.