Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Officer Service Dress Uniforms of Iran's Armed Forces

Photos from graduation oath-taking and epulet awarding of officer cadets, from military universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran's armed forces, on the field of Imam Khomeini Naval Sciences University in Nowshahr, October 6, 2009.
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Left to Right:
Army Major (Artesh Sargord سرگرد), Air Force Major (Sargord سرگرد), Navy Commander (Nakhoda dovom ناخدا دوم). Note lack of ties for all services, officer swords with fitted sword knots, bloused trousers inside black leather combat boots, heavy style lanyards (red-army, light blue-air force, gold-navy), embroidered hat visors, enamel ribbon bars and assorted military regalia. (Officers have each been presented with a gift from the Supreme Leader.)
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Left to right:
Army Colonel (Artesh Sarhang سرهنگ), Navy Captain (Nakhoda yekom ناخدا یکم), Navy officer. Army Colonel wears double breasted service dress coat and dress shoes. Navy Captain wears new style single breast white tunic with heavy gold lanyard and white officer's shoes. Navy officer at right appears to be wearing older style white tunic, with white leather Sam Browne belt and attached saber sling, and bloused trousers inside white leather combat boots.
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Front row, left to right:
Navy Lt. Commander (Nakhoda Sevom ناخدا سوم), Air Force Colonel (Sartip dovom سرتیپ۲), Air Force Colonel, Navy Captain (Nakhoda yekom ناخدا یکم)- note lack of shoulder insignia, Air Force Colonel.
Right-side photo:
Navy Ensign (Navban dovom ناوبان ۲) wearing dress blue double breasted coat, with heavy gold lanyard and shoulder cord.
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Graduating officer cadets of the IRIAF, IRIA and IRIN.

Note: Any corrections and additions greatly appreciated.

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ludo said...

Thank you for the very interesting post about the uniforms in the iranian army..
I'm french, learning persian and very interested about the uniforms..
Can you tell more about the uniforms of the differents units of the iranian army????...

Khoda Hafez... Bonne Soirée


Parham said...

Well. Ludo since i was browsing this page and i'm not much active here maybe i can give you info if you dd me on yahoo MS


Unknown said...

Thank you for the info.

Wikipedia has an article, "Rank insignia of the Iranian military" (ref.

For Sartip dovom (Iranian military equivalent to Major General in the U.S. armed servies), shown is two crossed swords (scimitars, apparently), two sheaves (of wheat?) and another symbol between the two sheaves. What is that symbol?
Also, what does the third symbol, the sheaves, and the swords each represent?
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Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting those photographs. I am visiting Iran soon. (By the way I have nothing against America or Israel - Britain is another matter however!)