Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iran Seeks Changes in Nuke Deal

Alaeddin Borujerdi, chairman of the national security and foreign policy committee of Iranian Majlis, told reporters today in Tehran that Iran will not hand over its low-grade enriched uranium to Russia in one batch as proposed.

"We provide part of 3.5 percent enriched uranium to the party in the deal and once we receive the 20 percent, we give another batch of 3.5 percent," Borujerdi said, referring to Iran’s stockpile of 3.5% LEU to be shipped abroad for reprocessing to 20% grade required for a Tehran research reactor.

"In other words not all the fuel will be handed over in one batch." [ILNA, 27 October].

The IAEA-drafted deal calls for Tehran to hand over 1,200 kilos of its LEU. Iran reported inventory of LEU is estimated at 1,500 kilos.

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