Friday, October 23, 2009

Iran to Sign the Nuclear Deal – Russia

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today in Moscow that Russia expects Iran to "confirm” its acceptance of the nuclear deal reached earlier this week in Vienna.

“Russia expects Iran [and the other countries involved] to confirm their acceptance of the project," Lavrov said (AP, 23 October).

The agreement calls for shipping most of Iran's uranium to Russia and France for enrichment to a level that renders it useful as fuel for Tehran’s research nuclear reactor.

The agreement, when implemented, would prevent Iran to use its stockpile of enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon. Iran says that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

UPDATE: State-run Press TV is reporting that Tehran will announce its final decision on the deal next week.

"Iran informed IAEA Director-General today that it is considering the proposal in depth and in a favorable light, but it needs time until the middle of next week to provide a response," read a statement by IAEA released on Friday. "The Director General hopes that Iran's response will equally be positive, since approval of this agreement will signal a new era of cooperation." [Press TV, 23 October]


Anonymous said...

Iran will not sign it

change 1200 Kg Uran against right of Uran Enrichment.

The current deal does not include right of Iran Enrichment program

Anonymous said...

And here I have read that Iran signed draft agreement. And the comments read:

"It was a major victory for Obama’s policy, but indeed Iran will also benefit immensely from the deal.
The deal is one issue, but I doubt the French will honor it.
A very wise political move by the masters of chess politics Iran.
@papa you are absolutely right a master stroke by Iran. However Israel is trying to find some way to scuttle the Iran deal "

Deal already done? Already signed ? If so then why Iranians are now saying that :"Tehran will announce its final decision on the deal next week".
Your comments are a little premature, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Iran should know, this deal is not to their benefit.

The French will not honor the deal and eventually deliver after a long long time , a very low quality Mo99 desired by Iran only to force Iran to do a new deal in a short time after receiving.

The deal is the same as the Bush demand,but with a new title

consider it so.... the waiters have changed but the food is still the crap it used to be