Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Growing Tensions in Iran-UAE Relations

UAE Restricts Trade with Iran; Iran Retaliates But Later Backtracks

The Iranian Industry, Mines and Commerce Ministry's trade registration website deleted the entry for United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, effectively cutting trade ties with the UAE [Tabnak, 21 December]. The action caused panic among the Iranian traders who depend heavily on trans-shipments from Dubai and caused the Iranian currency rial to sharply lose its value against the US dollar.

The plummeting value of rial forced the officials to backtrack on a previous statement by the minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce that Iran had cut trade relations with the UAE. Iran’s First Vice President Reza Rahimi today issued a statement denying that Iran had cut its trade relations. The foreign ministry spokesman also told reporters in Tehran today that the elimination of UAE entry in the ministry of commerce’s website was caused by a “technical glitch” and the error has been fixed [IRNA, 21 December].

The confused actions by the Iranian officials regarding trade with the UAE came after reports surfaced that the Emirates were putting toughest measures yet on trans-shipments of goods to Iran, slowing down trade transactions significantly. Vice President Rahimi in his statement today also confirmed the restrictions put into effect by the UAE:

“The UAE has adopted some anti-Iran measures which would not harm the Islamic Republic,” Rahimi said. “And these measures are not in the interests of the UAE either.” [IRNA, 21 December].


Anonymous said...

It's going to be hard time for Iranians during the confrontation over their nuclear program. Their only hope is to rely on domestic production and forget about imports via Dubai et. al. because those imports won't last. It's a very grave but historic time for Iran. In two years either they will be a full nuclear power, or they will not. Further, Dubai will, obviously, be hurt much more than Iran as a result of the impending cessation of trading.

Anonymous said...

You reporters declare then find out it was a lie then backtrack and blame it on officials.

get a life !

Anonymous said...

I think the west does not stop until Iran is in the Nato-camp (not full membership but under influence); thats their endgame; they want to humiliate china (and Russia); and the only way to do that is bring Iran into their line; there can be an compromise on the nuclear issue - but only if Iran is in the nato-camp; they have to buy the head of IRGC; but hey: they have spent trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan; they can also spend 100 billions to buy the irgc; and then they will have the whole 'Thing': from lebanon to Afghanistan bordering China: the whole 'Thing'.

Anonymous said...

Iran doesn't need anybody we are the "mighty Islamic republic". We will sell our oil to ourselves and trade among ourselves because we are a "independent country" with our own advanced technology.We don't need the world but the world needs us and we do no wrong but only right and we will fight the West and win because we are the "mighty Islamic republic" with the most advanced minds in the world.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the "Mullah lovers" commenting that sanctions have no effect and the fluctuations of the Iranian Currency is only a normal anomaly that has noting to do with the state of the Iranian Economy, the political , Social and economical missmanagament of the country and the international sanctions and it is not hurting the country?
Come on we are waiting !

Anonymous said...

"Growing Tension" is an uskowi Standard phrase which means more&less nothing.
The relation between Iran- UAE is not too bad ,like Saudi or Bahrein.
you will not find any attacks against UAE in Iranian Media.

Indeed Iran can not affort to break with UAE because of nothing

Anonymous said...

Countries like UAE will be wiped away from the history of the world soon after the oil is gone , and it is happening soon , unless the people in UAE "rise up" . It will be a barren Heaven in desert ,thanks to the Zionists whom you trust and will trust.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 5:08 PM,

The UAE put tough restrictions on trans-shipment of goods to Iran. The Iranian minister of commerce ordered removal of UAE from the site that all Iranian traders should register to import any goods from UAE, effectively cutting trade ties with UAE. The UAE action and Iran’s reaction caused a free fall in the value of rial. Iran backed away from cutting the trade all together, but the first vice president used extremely sharpest language yet in attacking UAE and its policies. If these events, all within 48 hours, cannot be described as “growing tensions,” then we have different understanding of the term!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35 AM December 22

The people in the UAE are doing very nicely and are one of the richest countries in the Persian gulf. Therefore they have no time to play the silly and childish anti Zionist card and why should they so that they can end up like Iran and not be able to buy commercial airplanes or have simple transactions between banks and nations.
You should open your mind a bit and stop living in the dark ages with hatred because in the end you will be the looser.

Anonymous said...

It's true unlike Iran the use is not independent of the Jews, although they are far from allies.

Kemjika said...

Iran still occupies 3 contested island, AND the UAE is NOT an ally or friend of Iran. Offcourse there will be tensions, and sooner or later, these 2 will have conflict. Just a few too many flashes here and there in their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Guys, guys

Iran needs UAE and UAE needs Iran.
The sanctions are not any reason to break with UAE, Sanctions are something that must ne bypassed

Anonymous said...

```Growing Tension" is an uskowi Standard phrase which means more&less nothing.
The relation between Iran- UAE is not too bad ,like Saudi or Bahrein. ```

it means something. the UAE, as part of the GCC, is going to have to move away from Iran.