Sunday, December 25, 2011

UN-Iraq Agreement on Camp Ashraf

The UN and the Iraqi government today signed an agreement to temporarily relocate several thousand Iranian exiles, members of Mojahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) who are living at Camp Ashraf near the Iranian border, to Camp Liberty, a former US military base near Baghdad International Airport. The arrangement would allow the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to conduct interviews and to determine the refugee status of the camp residents as the first steps to relocate them to other countries. The agreement will prevent a near-certain humanitarian catastrophe that would have awaited the MKO members at Camp Ashraf by 31 December, the deadline set by the Iraqi government for the exiles to vacate Ashraf.


Anonymous said...

traitors of the first kind.Better off in America next to the Royalists

Anonymous said...

The US retreat is not complete until all its forces are removed, including the MKO.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:21 PM

You've forgotten the MKO were the ones that share your ideology and brought Khomeini and his regime to power.You should thank them for that and join the traitors because you are both the peas from the same pod.
And another thing a lot of Islamic regime families have second homes in America and Canada so stop your hypocritical nonsense because when it comes to stealing the countries wealth look no further than the Islamic regime hypocrites and liars who are unrivalled in the thievery of Iran's resources.

Anonymous said...

They were OK as longas they were behaving like Iranians.
When they sold Iran out they bev´came as spit worthy as the Royalists,who ran under the skirt of Miss America.

Anonymous said...

*Many have referred to the group as MEK rather than MKO in the US media. When willl people learn, if you help traitors you will be betrayed?

Anonymous said...

"....who ran under the skirt of Miss America".

When it comes to mentioning spit and rubbish look no further than the members of the Islamic regime and their followers because it's a well known fact that they are the lowest form of life on this earth.
And talking of skirt how is it under the skirt of Miss China sweet and sour I bet specially now China has asked for even more cheaper oil because they know Iran is cornered and is a slave to China and Turkey with all their imported junk that also includes prayer beads stones and religious books from China.How utterly sad and pathetic you all are.

Anonymous said...

MKO is for
Mojahedine -Khar- Organization

MEK is for mojahedine -e- khar

whatever the case. they only fight for a nutcase called rajavi

I who write these notes was a Vazife in the war and 2 years a POW and I was interrogated and slapped and punched and slashed endlessly by these traitors

for questions far too high for a sarbaz e vazife.

May they MKO/MKE /Terrorists burn in hell a 1000 times.

Those who defend them and harbor them are comminiting an unforgivable act.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:43 PM

Don't worry chum the way things are going in Iran America might be harboring the likes of you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 4:06
where were you during the 80's. You sound a lot like one of them.

Anonymous said...

2:43 PM

I respect your past and understand your feelings. They have no future in Iran. They are only being relocated and saved from their situation. Almost all of them are looking for a chance to escape this sect.
Those who betrayed Iran in the War are long dead and the few who still live are living in fear of even their own spouses.Trust God to punish them. Live your life.

PS/ Thank you for winning the war, we Iranians are all proud of you and the yours.

Anonymous said...

Who cares for the MKO and who cares for the Islamic regime?
They all have a one way ticket to hell.
Good riddance !