Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iran to Keep the Sentinel

Iran will not return the US RQ-170 Sentinel surveillance drone captured by its armed forces last week.

“No one returns the symbol of aggression to the party that sought secret and vital intelligence related to the national security of a country,” said Maj. Gen. Salami, IRGC deputy commander [IRNA, 11 December].

Iran has summoned the Afghan ambassador to protest the violation of its airspace by the US drone that took off from neighboring Afghanistan.

The drone was brought down some 225 kilometers (140 miles) inside the Iranian territory near the eastern town of Kashmar. It was reportedly operated by the CIA on an intelligence mission related to Iran’s nuclear program. It was not known, however, if the agency was flying other drones over Iran and for how long it has maintained such program. The CIA also has not revealed the types of information these surveillance drones have produced in the past.

These Sentinels use rare stealth technology for its fuselage and coating and hi-tech radar and electronics, making the incident a strategic loss for the US. The IRGC claims that it has tracked this particular drone and brought it down almost intact.

This aircraft fell into the trap of our armed forces and was downed,” said IRGC Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh. “Military experts are well aware how precious the technological information of this drone is,” he added.

It is reported that Iran recently received from Russia an advanced mobile jamming and intelligence system called “Avtobaza” that could have detected the drone and perhaps jammed its communications links.

“There is no reason why [Avtobaza] system could not have detected the Sentinel's electronic trail and either jammed it and/or have alerted fighter aircraft and SAM installations as to its whereabouts," [AviationIntel, 10 December].

AviationIntel reports that the drone could have been actively transmitting live video, detailed radar maps, or electronic intelligence, in real-time, making detection easier by the Russian-made system.


Anonymous said...

I donot believe the Sentinel Transmitting in Real-Time Vide or something else
That is a very stupid thing, It can be detected very easy via this Transmission.
The Drone is not TV/Radio station.

a hunter is always silent, not to be detected

Mark Pyruz said...

-American defense professionals continuously underestimate the Iranians. This time around it resulted in a loss.

-The Iranians tracked the Sentinel in flight.

-If and how the Iranians managed to actively bring down the Sentinel remains an open source point of contention.

-That this is a strategic loss and compromising of U.S. military technology is indisputable.

-Represents a significant propaganda victory for Iran, both domestically and internationally, as well as a morale boost for IRGC military forces and possibly its Cyber Warfare unit.

-It be interesting to know if these types of U.S. overflights have been temporarily suspended, pending investigation and effected changes.

Anonymous said...

Did the U2 incident in the Soviet Union put bread on the table?

Likewise will the RQ-170 incident put bread on the Iranian table?

Answer no to any of them.

The average Russian or Iranian couldn't give a rats ass about it because they are trying to eek out a living trying to survive.

This is only propaganda for wishful thinking members of the regime who think it makes any difference to the Iranian in the street which they are sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I change RQ-170 für a S300 and a nuke bomb
The Iran-Russia-China Barging already started

Anonymous said...

@Anno December 11, 2011 10:07 AM

You Sound jealous
who downed the Drone are/is Genius.You sounds like an avergage person.
Sorry for you

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:44 PM

Can you explain how is it that I sound jealous?
You go and ask any Iranian and they would say the same thing because they don't give a rats ass.
You go and live in Iran and try making a living like a real man.
You sound like a little spoiled boy that has never worked in his life and most likely lives in Toronto and hasn't a clue about reality of life.
Pathetic as well as spoiled.

Anonymous said...

@Anno December 11, 2011 10:07 AM

Don't be jealous my little american friend. The us should seek apology for violating another countries air. Oh no we are day dreaming ; the us never apologize for it's immoral/wrong action. What they do is to try to justify their action to others by means of some laughable excuse which is believed only by israhell & other western christian nations, because the us most of the time targets muslims. The us should immediately seek apology for hiroshima&nagashaki bombing; supplying chemical weapon to saddam during iran-iraq war; shooting Iranian civilian plane; iraq war rather than making laughable argument defending those inhumane/barbaric acts. The us should also seek apology from palestenians for blatantly supporting israel and its land grabbing.

Anonymous said...

To the Farsi speaking audience, does anyone know of a web site that have translated the conversation on the 2:28 minute video of the RQ-170 posted three days ago, on this site, to ENGLISH?

I have searched all over the internet with no luck! It is clear the western powers don't want it translated. But I thought a journalistic minded website would've seen the value in its translation for its reputation. A lot could be deciphered from the conversation b/w the military officers. For example, the degree of technical proficiency can reveal Iranian capacity to clone the drone or reveal insights to what they have discovered from their 4-day inspection prior to the video release.

Can anyone help put this analytical mind to work!? I promise to share my insight, if any.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 PM
Ignore the resident idiot mate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:47 PM
From a concerned citizen of Iran.

Since you seem so concerned for the Palestinian problem why don't you go and volunteer your services to their cause and let us deal with our own problems in Iran.
You sound very boring because all you write about is US/Zionist conspiracy theory.
You have a very negative and hateful view and also a very one sided outlook on life.
I would honestly say to you that you should reeducate yourself in the ways of the world and stop living amongst hate and destruction.Also what I would recommend you is read in much greater depth the long history of Iran which predates Islam by thousands of years instead of just reading anti Iranian cultural propaganda written by mullah driven affiliates.
I honestly hope that after your studies you will be more enlighten and have a positive view of the world.After all one can live in hope.

pirouz_2 said...

Anonymous said...
"Did the U2 incident in the Soviet Union put bread on the table?"

Actually, for the vast majority of the Soviet citizens there was far more bread on the table when the U2was brought down than there is today!
For your information, in all western countries, it is the military R&D which acts like a locomotive and bring out new tehnology and inventions.
Now you claim that the electronic technology, computer science and networking does not matter? Space technology does not matter? Stem cell research does not matter? Nano technology does not matter? Being able to challenge stealth technology which is threatening Iran with "all options on the table" (including the nuclear option), does not matter? Seriously?
Honestly speaking, the colour of "green" and the shape of a "crown" starts to disgust me so much that I feel nausia!

pirouz_2 said...

Anonymous said...
"To the Farsi speaking audience, does anyone know of a web site that have translated the conversation on the 2:28 minute video of the RQ-170 posted three days ago, on this site, to ENGLISH?"
LOL...unfortunately my friend, there is only the reporters sound which could be heard. You must try the deaf persian speakers who have a lip reading ability to translate that for you! :)

Anonymous said...


"Honestly speaking,the colour of "green" and the shape of a "crown"starts to disgust me so much that I feel nausia!"

I see you use the name of Peroz 2 a Shahanshah of Sassanid Iran who just so happens wore the crown.
Since the crown "disgusts" you so much I recommend you to go by the name of Umar 1 who represents the turban wearing crowd.
Secondly learn how to spell NAUSEA.
Yes people like you who use our Monarchies good names nauseate and disgust me when you defend a regime that is against all things Iranian.
And as for the other nonsense remember this.It was the previous Monarchies from 1925-1979 that built Iran's infrastructure. If it wasn't for Reza Shah you wouldn't be classed as a Iranian now. Your very passport and surname came from Reza Shah.
Don't be so hypocritical or hold grudges and be so ungrateful with jealousy towards history of Iranian monarchy.
I honestly feel sorry for you because I feel that you are a mixed up kid who uses a name of a Iranian king but supports the descendants of Umar.
That is pure two faced hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51 AM...Good one mate!
These people have a personality defect or something maybe plain old inferiority complex.But you must admit you can't beat a good old Iranian name unlike the Islamic ones.That is why they use real Iranian names to be underhanded.Just to say "I'm Iranian with true Persian name but I support Islamic government in Iran."
Bunch of jokers!

Anonymous said...

"Actually,for the vast majority of Soviet citizens there was far more bread on the table when the U2 was brought down than there is today."

How do you know? Were you there in 1961?
Please back it up with facts instead of your twisted propaganda.
Despite everything the average Russian today is far better off than 1961.Hell only the top men in Russia could afford to have cars in 1961.So don't talk rubbish because you don't know what your talking about period.

Anonymous said...

Keep it. Our next President won't be so sympathizing...

Pirouz_2 said...

"Secondly learn how to spell NAUSEA."

I think you should be very proud to know English so much better than I do. Indeed you and all your like-minded monarchists should be declared as honorary Americans!! :)

Mean while I suggest that you learn a bit more about my country (Iran). We Iranians lived long before Reza Khan and the likes of him reduce Iran to an oil dependent single-product colony of the West, and my name "Pirouz" was a name long before any psychotic Sassanid monarch! Only an ignorant would attribute the Persian language to "monarchy".
LOL...Why don't you stick to English? That is much better for you!
Since I am not racist I have no problem with names such as "Ali" and "Omar". Feel free to call me with any Arabic name that you like, in the mean time I will call you "George Bush II". :)

By the way, since you are so much fond of the "crown" perhaps you remember which "great genius" was the patriot monarch who signed Tehran convention? Or perhaps which other patriot monarch was the one who donated Bahrain to his masters? Who was the great monarch who extended D'Arcy agreement? Who was the CIA/MI6 puppet monarch who came to power by removing the democractically elected government of the country in an American coup? Which patriot monarch was the one who reduced Iran's economy from self-sufficiency to an oil dependent colonial economy whose only product was oil and had to import everything from food to medicine from the West?

Sit down and learn, we have come a long way: from spending petro-dollars to buy useless American military junk and bring profit to Western corporations we have come to a point where we can make and send our own satellites to space, and instead of buying useless military junk (for which we could not even make spare parts!) from the West to a point where we are capable of bringing down their top of the line junk from the skies!
But I guess thinking about such things burns the the American lackys (ie. monarchists) deep inside!! :)

Anonymous said...

peroz 2

I doubt you know the meaning of the word proud even if it landed on your head from above the sky.
You don't know the meaning of being Iranian because if you did you wouldn't attack Iran's 3000 year history of monarchy.
Your anti Iranian tantrums don't change an iota of the facts that you owe your very surname and passport to Reza Shah.(That's IF your Iranian).
Cyrus the Great founded Iran and he wore the crown and was a great monarch.But I doubt you respect him because of your NAUSEATING dislike of all things truly Iranian.
I still maintain the fact that you should use the name of Umar the First it suits you much better.And it's OK call me George Bush the second at least he didn't harm Iran only your true spiritual country Iraq and even then he got rid of a mass murdering maniac.
Like it or not Iranian people reject this regime and have nothing but total contempt towards it.They are counting the days when they can get their hands around the disgusting leaderships neck and end its wretched life.
So what ever nonsense you say wont change the facts because Iran will be free from this bloodthirsty regime and their agents who spread lies.

Anonymous said...

Pirouz 2

"Pirouz"was a name long before any psychotic Sassanid monarch !"

So if that is the case mate why do you go by the name of Pirouz 2 because he was an Sassanid monarch.

Only an ignorant would attribute the Persian language to "monarchy"

I read the post mate and he/she said no such thing.And so far as ignorance goes it's ignorant to pretend that no one knows the truth about the recent history of Iran and being lectured to by a person using the name of Pirouz 2
and claiming to represent Iranian opinion.Any Iranian who has a drop of Iranian blood in them is proud of their history including their monarchy's.But yet again I found you lacking in this field as well.
I can only surmise that you are not Iranian but a foreign imposter with an malicious dislike towards our honorable history.

"Who was the CIA/MI6 puppet monarch who came to power by removing the democratically elected government of the country in a American coup?"

Once again mate false.The Shah was already the monarch of the country before 1953 and after 1953.You show me where the parliament asked the Shah to abdicate before 1953. The prime minister was not democratically elected but was appointed by the Shah and approved by parliament.Your false messages clearly has an unhealthy agenda.
I suggest you should read some books as regards Iran's recent history because I find you very lacking in this field unless of course you have an agenda and are spreading deliberate lies about Iran and its history of monarchies.

Good luck to you mate.

mat said...

No doubt, a smell of Zionist is here, right now. Watch out!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56 AM
That is what is so funny about these people they use our kings or Persian names and then they support a anti Iranian regime which is destroying true Iranian culture and trying to replace it with Saudi Arabian inspired culture then he calls himself a "proud Iranian". I honestly believe these people are not Iranian.It's a funny thing but most non Iranians support that regime like Pakistani and Iraqi Muslims and then they call you racist yet they are the biggest racist liars going.

Anonymous said...

There are some Islamist drones here that claim that Iranians that hate the Islamic theocracy are "Zionists".
Ignore these paid agents of the regime because they have no stake in Iran's future.