Thursday, December 29, 2011

Velayat-90 Military Maneuvers (3)

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Iran Marines armed with MP5 SMGs

Marines aboard FB type HSPB

Marine boarding in a simulated assault

Ghadir class IS-120 coastal submarine (SSC)

Ghadir apparently crewed by IRIN

Background: Mk III class coast patrol craft (PB)

Kilo class (Project 877 EKM) diesel-electric submarine (SSK)

Crew of a Kaman (Combattante II) class fast attack craft-missile (PGGF)

Bridge of a Kaman fast attack craft-missile

IRIN officer aboard Kaman fast attack craft-missile

IRINS Larak (LSLH 512) Hengam class landing ship

Left: Handijan class (PBO 1410) tender

IRINA Agusta SH-3D Sea King (AS-61) anti-submarine helicopter

USS John C. Stennis (CVNM 74) Nimitz class nuclear powered super carrier,
reportedly photographed by Iran military aircraft transiting the Straight of Hormuz

IRIN Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari


Hamed Jafarnejad at Fars News Agency


YouTube Videos by maydayfire at IMFV


Mark Pyruz said...

How on earth did that IRIN Lt. JG ever pass the physical? lol

Anonymous said...

"How on earth did that LT.JG ever pass the physical?lol"

Just look at that kheckey Ferozaftabeh and he is the commander in chief !
He will be commanding on his belly soon ! LoooL!

Anonymous said...

That mini sub looks like something out of WW1 !

Anonymous said...

That mini sub looks like something out of WW1 !

Yeah.That same type "WW1 looking sub" sunk an advanced South Korean warship early this year and the US couldn't do a damn thing except for huffing and puffing and staging a war-game. Your comment is not based on any fact.How can you pass judgement by just looking at the sub?

Dig this,a WW1 rifle will still kill a man today, regardless. You clearly don't seem like an intelligent person.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22 PM

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22PM and 5:51 PM

The same person no doubt.
If you consider yourself so intelligent which again I doubt you wouldn't be saying such a stupid thing as Iran can block the straits and get away with it.
Dig this the US navy air force will sink every Iranian vessel floating and destroy its coastal anti ship and naval bases that includes the taking over of the three small islands.Now if you think those subs can stop them because the subs are the first targets listed then you are really ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I just read a very persuasive article explaining why the strait of hormuz shutdown won't work.

1. Apparently an oil tanker is very difficult to sink. They're like giant jellyfish and a missile or mine is nothing more than an annoyance to them.

2. To view it from another perspective, think of the tanker war in the mid 1980s when Iraq regularly used Mirage jets firing Exocet missiles to attack Iranian tankers, with little success. If Iran and Iraq together couldn't shut down the straits then Iran can't possibly do it alone now.

Anonymous said...

"Dig this,a WW1 rifle will still kill a man today,regardless."

Your logic is mind boggling.So if that is the case why doesn't Iran mass produce skin covered biplanes with thousands of WW1 style tanks and artillery.Those things kill right?

Anonymous said...

All I see here is a floating junkyard.Needs to be put out of it's misery.
Deepest sympathy towards the crews.Must vacate vessels for target practice by US navy.

Anonymous said...

iran can close the strait of persian gulf also they are going far beyond the gulf reign to counter practice usa on open see as iraq war in two level concern from 1990 and 2003 plus libya war iran knows for fact first usa strike forces would be tamahawk missiles to nuk down iran airforce and is not enought just airdefence must be able to counter strike level in high valume to distroy it enemy as fast as possible that why iran build for years many deferent level of missile for strike forces to counter usa and every military export know that iran is not bloffing specialy when supperiem leader said above treat againest tread so i am thinking the war is much sooner than any one think also to close the strait of hormoz is not enough for iran they are put to take control of UAE and Oman and possibly ghatar and bahrain that USA bases thier of coures the price is high for them that must be paid for it if they do not/ will be die slowly which is not iran policy to do so.

Anonymous said...

December 29, 2011 10:05 PM

When are the Iranian cowards going to use their first strike capabilities? All talk and no action!

Not sure what your babbling on about..........but Iran would be wise to keep its navy out at open sea.

When the US/NATO/Israel strike starts, Iran should not have their navy at anchor in their the start of the festivities, air dropped mines will keep Irans navy from going anywhere and within a few hours later they will be destroyed.

Between the air attack and three Israeli Dolphin class subs and your navy will not have a chance of survival.

Say Goodnight!

Anonymous said...

These guys are toast.

mat said...

Those 'barking' goes on!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:05 PM

You know so little of US power it's almost laughable.

Anonymous said...

You know so little of US power it's almost laughable.

Wrong!!! The whole world's seen all that the US military can offer in Iraq and Afghanistan..In both cases they lost the war in the long run...In Afghanistan, the US is now suing for peace with the Taliban..Get your facts straight..

The US can't do a damn thing!!!

Anonymous said...

The US can't do a damn thing!!!

December 30, 2011 2:06 PM


So why don't you Islamist extremists + your Chinese & Russian masters attack then?

Are you cowards?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:06 PM

"The US can't do a damn thing!!!"

I see you ape your masters pathetic slogans.
You people are very pathetic and clueless regarding US global power.
Iran has old rusty ships and glass fiber boats and you think they can fight a 21st century navy?
How absolutely ignorant and pathetic you regime lovers are because your logic is well within the insane zone.

mat said...

"What's that noise?

"Nothing! As always. It is only the sound of the U.S.'s empty drumbeat of war".

Oh, I see!

Anonymous said...

mat you mat.