Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nasrallah addresses crowd marking Ashura

"A message to all those who are conspiring against the resistance and banking on change... We will never let go of our arms. Day after day, the resistance gains more fighters, trains better fighters and arms even more heavily."

-- Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah has today made a rare public appearance addressing a large crowd marking the Day of Ashura pledging that Hezbollah will continue to be an armed and formidable force regardless of regional change. The crowd chanted "Death to Israel" in response.

Nasrallah also pledged support to the Syrian government (of which Hezbollah is an arms client) stating that quote:

"There are some people who do not want reforms, security and stability in Syria, and neither civil peace nor dialogue. There are people who want to destroy Syria to make up for their defeat in Iraq. Syria is a partner in defeating the Americans in Iraq."


Anonymous said...

Let the pawn enjoy it while it lasts.
Haven't got long to go.

Anonymous said...

But isn't he that terrorist?

Anonymous said...

He sure is....and the crowd wasn't chanting "Death to Nasrallah"

Anonymous said...

Typical comments from Zionist rats here.

Anyway, may Allah bless and protect Nasrallah.

Anonymous said...

Sayyed Hassan NasrAllah is the most popular leader in the Islamic world despite what the usual Zionist hasbara brigade rants.

Secondly, Hezbollah is now better armed and trained than any Arab military, thanks to Iran and their own dedication. Hezbollah is also the most educated resistance force in the world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:47 AM

The only "hasbara" brigade are the ones claiming to be Iranian and supporting the terrorists in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Yea thanks to Iran's blood the terrorist and his gang are well armed meanwhile our people can't feed their families.

The anti Iranian entity in Iran builds housing schools and provides huge sums of cash meanwhile our people are living in dire poverty and need.

Then some shameful halfwit idiots come here and praise the paid terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Nasrallah's support for the murderous Ba'athists in Syria will open the eyes of anyone still unconvinced of the depravity of the dude.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some more of those Hizzy ladies went and got themselves blown to bits.....very nicely done!


Israel accused of blowing up booby-trapped drone in Lebanon......

Israel has been accused of causing an explosion behind enemy lines for the second time in a month, this time in Lebanon, thanks to a booby-trapped drone.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:13 PM

Hopefully, Hezbollah will return the favor one day.

Anonymous said...

Soon the Scumbag Nasr-allah will need to take more money from Irainians pockets.

US unravels international terror financing plot linked to Hezbollah

By Wes BruerDecember 19, 2011 4:37 PM

The United States has stepped up its pressure on international terrorist funding, at least with regard to the Iranian-backed Shiite terror group Hezbollah, based in Lebanon. In recent weeks, authorities have unraveled a massive network involving US businesses, South American drug cartels, and East African exporters that raises and launders money which inevitably reaches the coffers of Hezbollah.

Last week, US prosecutors announced charges against a Lebanese national who facilitated more than $850 million, raised through drug smuggling and money laundering, to the terror group. Ayman "Junior" Joumaa, of Virginia, is alleged to have conspired to sell tons of Colombian-produced cocaine to Mexico's Zeta cartel for ultimate sale in the US. Earlier this year, Joumaa was listed by the Treasury Department as a drug trafficker whose profits go to Hezbollah. He remains at large.

The most recent development in the war on terror financing follows a raid led by the DEA on two US-based auto dealerships. Ace Auto Mart of Tulsa, Okla. was the first target, where agents questioned employees and seized filing cabinets on Friday. A Tampa-based auto dealer, Mansour Brothers Auto Trading Inc., is also the target of the DEA investigation and is one of about 30 other businesses implicated in the finance ring.

The Long War Journal contacted Ace Auto Mart in Tulsa and spoke to an employee regarding the investigation. He reiterated that no one had been arrested and that his boss, Mohamed Soukhi, who is at the center of the investigation, was currently meeting with his attorney. The employee noted that Ace Auto Mart itself was not under investigation, but a "sister company" that leases vehicles was the target.

The federal government alleges that the now-defunct Lebanese Canadian Bank and two Beruit-based money exchange organizations, which are all linked to Hezbollah, wired funds in excess of $300 million to the US to be used to purchase automobiles. The vehicles were then shipped to West Africa and sold for cash, where the proceeds are mixed with funds from drug trafficking and taken to Lebanon.

Authorities say that Hezbollah-linked operatives are involved at various points throughout the operation to ensure the facilitation of the funds to the terror group. For example, the court charges that Oussama Salhab, a Togo-based Hezbollah operative, ran an operation that transported cash and cars sold in Benin to Beirut. His counterpart in the operation is said to be Maroun Saade, who is believed to be a member of the Free Patriotic Movement, a Hezbollah-linked Christian political party.

Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2011/12/us_unravels_international_terr.php#ixzz1hC3wBCGG