Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iran Reports Arrest of Alleged US Spy

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced today that it has arrested an Iranian, presumed to hold US citizenship, on espionage charges. The name of the individual has not been released. The intelligence ministry has accused him of working for the CIA and the US defense intelligence establishment [Fars, 17 December].

The semi-official news agency Fars reports that the detainee had received extensive intelligence training at the US military base in Bagram, Afghanistan, before entering Iran. The intelligence ministry claims that it had identified the alleged spy while he was still undergoing training at Bagram and had him under close surveillance since then, including a period of time after he entered Iran before his arrest. It is alleged that the individual had the mission of infiltrating the intelligence ministry ranks and feed the ministry with false intelligence reports from the US side and gather intelligence from Iran.

In May, Iran had announce the arrest of 30 people for spying for the US, and last week it had announced the indictment of 15 people charged with spying for the US and Israel.


Anonymous said...

Iran is getting very good at counter-intelligence and has excellent public support is rooting out these rats from their burrows. Iranian counter-intel is now cooperating with a lot of regional players as well as Russia, China and India in exposing these US/Zionist scum.

It is almost impossible for the US/Zionists to even plant puppets from Canada, Australia, NZ and EU as spies now as the Iranian public is very well aware. Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia, is now the key recruiting ground for the "western" bumblers to recruit "Iranians" for spying, most of them turn out to be double agents any way as the Amiri case and many others have highlighted recently. Lebanon is also doing a bang-up job in outing inept US spies from Pizza hut and coffee joints. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Google CEO Eric Schmidt asserted that Iran has been developing cyber warfare which might endanger the US in the future.

“The Iranians are unusually talented in cyber war for some reason we don't fully understand,” Schmidt said in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Convince yourselves.