Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Droning On...

By Paul Iddon

Washington downplays, Tehran overplays.

Captured RQ-170 in Iran.
Last July a rumour suggested that Iran had shot down an unmanned US drone over the Fordo uranium enrichment facility near Qom. I quipped at the time that given the fact it may indeed have been an unmanned drone that the Iranians would be unable to produce 'a Gary Powers' so to speak which would in turn ultimately serve to refute the US claim that they were not violating Iranian air space with such drones.

However earlier this month the Iranians were able to produce such irrefutable evidence that a US drone had indeed violated Iranian air space. The recent capture of the RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone has given the regime in Tehran a propaganda coup with their claim of having been able to 'electronically' bring down the drone with minimal damage over the embarrassing US claim of the drone having 'malfunctioned' and subsequently been lost whilst operating near Afghanistan's western frontier with the Islamic Republic.

Scorn was poured on the Obama Administration after they sent a formal request for the drones return. Secretary of State Clinton had previously stated that “given Iran's behaviour to date” – the regimes odious behaviour to its own citizens in recent weeks includes threatening actress Marzieh Vafamehr with 90 lashes for violating the countries brutally enforced dress code, the actual lashing of an Iranian student for merely “insulting” the President and on top of that offering death as the only alternative to conversion to Islam for the Iranian Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani – she didn't expect they would even reply and despite “provocations” asserted that the US would pursue a “diplomatic approach.”

Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi whom has stated that the drone is now Iran's property responded to the American request for its return by stating bluntly of the US has "instead of apologizing to the Iranian nation,” opted to “brazenly asking for the drone back.”

In a previous column entitled 'A Time to Apologize' which I wrote a few days after the 23rd anniversary of the horrific downing of Iran Air Flight 655 by the US Navy I argued that the US should make a formal heartfelt and thoroughly sincere apology to the people of Iran. As at the end of the day the attack was against them, as nearly any Iranian could have been on that plane on that fateful day. However I also added that such an apology could not given in an effective and meaningful manner with the present leadership as it forcibly imposes its will on the Iranian people and therefore cannot act as their legitimate representative on the international stage.

There is no doubt that the United States has violated Iranian sovereignty by traversing this piece of military hardware through Iran's air space. The regime however has undermined Iran's claim to its right of sovereignty. As it not only harbours but – as in the case of Vahidi – has actually given a ministerial position to a man who is wanted by the Argentinian authorities and Interpol for planning the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires which killed 85 people and injured several hundred more. Not only was this incident a terrorist act executed on foreign soil it is also the most significant and heinous acts of violence on Argentinian soil since the homicide bombing of Israels Argentine embassy in 1992 of which Hezbollah is suspected of organizing and executing.

So in conclusion, whilst the United States has blatantly disregarded Iran's sovereign integrity the ruling regime in Tehran has consistently and self-consciously been degrading and undermining it


Anonymous said...

DC court: Iran showed al Qaeda how to bomb embassies

By Thomas Joscelyn December 5, 2011

In a little-noticed ruling on Nov. 28, a Washington, DC district court found that both Iran and Sudan were culpable for al Qaeda's 1998 embassy bombings. As is typical in cases dealing with state sponsorship of terrorism, neither Iran nor Sudan answered the plaintiffs' accusations. But in a 45-page decision, Judge John D. Bates issued a default judgment.

The court found that the "government of the Islamic Republic of Iran...has a long history of providing material aid and support to terrorist organizations including al Qaeda," which "claimed responsibility for the August 7, 1998 embassy bombings."


The American public is slowly learning.

Iran's connection to 9/11 is next on the docket.

I think the people of the USA are starting to see why nuclear weapons in the hands of the insane is a bad thing and they will support a massive attack on Iran.

Stranger said...

honestly Paul you bring up 1992 to argue for the united states and the neo-con establishment to do what it wants against iran people like you claim to be in sympathy of the "iranian people"

never mind who the united states is in terms of its own policies in the last decade and the people currently in obamas cabinet and in the government directly involved massacres in the region

the terrorist acts commited against iran in the last decade including supporting groups such pjak, mek and others so yh ofcourse the us can carry on but someone like you who condones this isn't in support of the iran but the opposite

Anonymous said...

you and know that it was the Iranians who have committed acts of Argentina and other parts of the world and not the Mossad and the C. IA, which have a black history from its creation, which attempt to create an image of evil and terrorism blame Iran. The evidence on Iran where he died an Iranian scientist who was involved in the Iranian nuclear program, but there if no one raises more suspicions, hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Paul you are showing your ugly face now explicitly (even though it could be seen before). You trying so hard to connect the "gooz" to the "shaghighe" by bringing up the case of Argentina, which was NEVER confirmed to have Iran's involvement and they kept it up just to satisfy your bosses. In fact, the first judge is by now known to have been bribed to say the same BS as you said here, but the websites you get your stuff from never mention this fact in their "history coverage" of the Argentina case.

Anonymous said...

This person named "paul iddon" practices yellow journalism. irrespective of the incident he is reporting on Mr. paul has one aim in his mind when he writes an article; that is to accuse Iran of crimes that only some countries(us/israel&their partners) say committed by Iran. That's what mekes him a propagandist for(us/israel).

Anonymous said...

The biggest terrorist regime is the chief of terrorist regimes namely Islamic so called republic.There will be no peace in the middle east until this terrorist regime is removed from Iranian soil by its own people.
The first and last victims of this terrorist regime is the Iranian people because they are arrested imprisoned tortured raped and executed by the most barbarous regime in the 21 century.
This terrorist medieval theocracy must not be allowed to continue to degrade and deface the honor and history of the Iranian nation.

Stranger don't be such a hypocrite and go and live in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 PM

The American public is slowly learning.

The general American public are simpletons. They will believe anything their government tells them.

I think the people of the USA are starting to see why nuclear weapons in the hands of the insane is a bad thing

The same was said for Soviet Union under Josef Stalin and China under Mao Zedong. Both leaders are insane in their own right.

and they will support a massive attack on Iran.

If they do, then they will regret their support. Don't be surprised to see 9/11-style attacks on U.S. soil.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm not well-fond of the iranian regime, but the US is still culpable for violating Iranian air space with a spy plane.

The US could certainly issue an apology to the citizens of Iran along with an explanation for the US action.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 PM~~~~~

Joscelyn is far from a reliable source, quite far.

but even Joscelyn isn't pointing to any Iranian connection to the 9/11 attacks.

why are trying to posit one?

have you the slightest shred of evidence?

or are you just playing the clown?

Anonymous said...

Poor Paul, you must be droning in misery as your Zionist paymasters. LOL. Keep up the assinine rants, they are a step-down from Debka crazy ladies.

Anonymous said...

"The general American public are simpletons.They believe anything their government tells them."

Just like the simpletons that believe anything what Khamenei and the Islamic regime tells them.

Anonymous said...

Iran got US's sophisticated drone..Even Obama has shamelessly confirmed it by "asking for it back".Get over it - Damn it!

I think all the ranting from this author("journalists???") is just an expression of sour grapes and an attempt at "intellectual masturbation" - Nice but useless and meaningless.The author("journalist???") just can't seem to believe that those "goat herders/Mullahs/Theocracies/ blah blah blah" brought down this oh-so high-tech "stealth" drone and is still in denial. The spin is just breathtaking but still entertaining.Keep it coming :)

Yes, the American public is slowly learning: They're learning about the lies their government have been telling them for years to wage wars in foreign lands and rob them blind in broad daylight by destroying their economy, freedom and rights for the benefit of a tiny arms dump patch of land and a poor excuse for a country in the Middle East called Israel.Did you know that now the US government can target any American citizens it doesn't like for assassination under 'war on terra' act?? Why do I even bother asking..With people like you, facts don't really matter as long as the lie can be perpetuated forever.I wonder where you picked up your "journalistic" qualifications???

Do a quick search on YouTube or any web forum on this drone subject and you'll see the response people are giving.Maybe the Americans are also becoming the Mullah's paid agent for expressing outrage against the government's madness???

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:30 AM

If Israel concerns you so much why don't you just go there and do something about it instead of siting on your backside like a true hypocrite in the comfort of the West and bad mouthing a race of people and country just because your terrorist regime said so.
And another thing the Iranian people learned long ago how they were hoodwinked into believing that a religious maniac could change things for the better.
How wrong they were.

Anonymous said...

Never read such rubbish in my life.

Mr Paul.. nobody asked you !

Anonymous said...

@December 14, 2011 8:12 PM

Yeah are saying the same bullshit as your gov. is saying. we know this sentences from lybia...until ghaddafi is in power there will be no free its free very free....
free of money
free of medicine
free of education
free of houses ( sirte 90% bombed )
but go ahead...until you will wake up...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:55 AM

And most important of all free from a fascist terrorist murdering regime with people like you that supported them.
Now go back under the stone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:46 AM

And no one asked you to read it!

redz said...

the simple thing delegitimizes paul here is not about whether you like the current government or not

but somebody who makes a such ridiculouse logic on pure hypocrisy or in ignorance has to be called out on his agenda

his saying for Iranians whether your a nationalist, communist or Islamist even a liberal that the US neocon Establishments current policies of supporting pjak, mek and others who everybody knows are not good for iran as nation since they want something different and are destroying iranian infrastructure while killing a lot of innocent Iranians should be condoned

that logic even if iran was somehow was responsible for 1992 like Leon panetta for the killing of iraqi civilians or Palestinians in the 1990's does not work

thats not somebody who likes iran

this is simply the best argument against most liberals because they may claim they stand for freedom and democracy but its their subtle ideas that show much freedom they want and for whom

Anonymous said...

redz... your agenda is to support a blood thirsty theocracy at any cost to Iranian lives and pretend to show concern for them knowing full well that the Islamic regime is imprisoning torturing raping and killing Iranians every single day of the year.
And you disgustingly support support the murderers.

Anonymous said...

The Islamic regime has planted its agents everywhere which includes Iranian sites most Western newspapers VOA BBC Iranian lobbyist in Washington and of course even the Iranian opposition abroad.
These blood suckers know that to control foreign opinion and the Iranian opposition abroad you stay in power in Iran.
This they learned from during the "revolution"when the opposition against the Shah was started and maintained and supported from abroad even the BBC broadcast Khomeini's messages to Iran.

Anonymous said...

I see there are some Islamist Drones on this site who claim they speak for the Iranian people.
You Drones expect Iranian people to support the regime despite their genocide against Iranians and their culture and yet you label them as "Zionist".
But if they supported that anti Iranian regime despite the constant violence inflicted on the nation by that very same inhuman regime you would say they are pro Iran.
Yes Paul Iddon Drones aren't just airplanes. There are human Drones as well and you can see them plastered all over this site writing their usual Islamic regime nonsense.

B.M.A said...


Why slaughter professional journialism at the alter of political correctness and twisted views?.MR Paul you are an anti-IRANIAN REGIME propponent,and you are good at it!but you have some other special qualities .YOUR ZEAL to marshal evidence to convinse your readers that there is a terrorist and oppresive Government in IRAN is laudable.BUT ONCE MORE HAVE YOU SERVED AS A MEAL OF DRY MONES AND ONCE MORE WE ARE BEGGING FOR A BETTER MEAL!!!.

1- CLINTON's behavior and IRAN

YOU fixed with prescision Mrs Clintons words and your alleged odious behaviours of the regime to its own citizens!effectively creating te impressions that -THE IRANIAN REGIME will not rturn the priced drone because they theatened and actress,-had they not threatened this acress CLINTON would be hopeful on a posive response from TEHRAN!.The regime lashed a student and offerd a death penalty to an evangilical former MUSLIM 'MURTAD'-But if this same regime did not offer these judgements then there would be hope in Mrs Clinton that the plane would be returned.

reply one-

Clinton has no moral authority to speak of IRAN'S behaviour!.She is nowhere ner the justied position on the drone issue!IF THE WORLD WAS FLAT!,SHE deserves to stand trial with with her master somewhere for this provocative drone action on a sovereign coountry.

reply two-

the dress code is an emosional issue in the west who cherish to see semi nude women gracing bran new products at the behest of multi nationals in the cooparate world.parading a semi nude woman beside a brand new BMW in a show room is giving her her own rights!!why not show a horse to symbolise power or a camel to symbolise endurance?what has a beutiful half dessed woman to do with a BENZ? BUT OH! the woman has to be naked to claim her right in Europe!!.SO IF HIS IS WHAT YOU WISH FOR IRAN ,GIVE US A BREAK.


THE Iranian regime is not the rightful reprentaves of the people because they chose a terrorist as thier defense chief!'and so whilst the UNITED STATES has blatantly disregarded the IRANIAN sovereign INTEGRITY ,THE regime has CONSISTENTLY undermined it .

reply one-

History has shown that the US is not only the world's producer of pistachio but also the leader in te prodution of fantacies and false claims and twisted evidences!!.A nATION THAT THRIVS ON MURDER AND VIOLENE AND ALL TYPE OF MAYHEM HAS VERY sosphiticated machineries of pinning down false claims to have someone charged and hummiliated.PAUL WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT THE US is kiling innocent MEN AND WOMEN TILLING THEIR FARMS IN WAZIRISTAN and Somalia using high tech cutting edge drones and there is no one to point a finger to this official terrorism
reply two-

for your information INFORMATION VAHIDI IS NOT THE ONLY TERRORIST IN TEHRAN! the whole regime is a bunch of murderers arcording to them.AND THIS IS THEIR CRIME -GUARDING THEIR OIL AND GAS!an act which THREATENS THE WEST ECONOMIES and survival!!.

conclusion-the IRANIAN REGIME IS the true and legitimate representaves of the people they demanded an ISLAMIC REGIME,they showed their support to the regime by staging heart rendering rallies during the election meyhem in 2009 to support the regime in a brazen slap in the face to the west!!.

Anonymous said...

How far can people go in justifying the unjustifiable!

Anonymous said...

The Islamic regime has planted its agents everywhere which includes Iranian sites most Western newspapers VOA BBC Iranian lobbyist in Washington and of course even the Iranian opposition abroad.

Dude, do you really believe that BS?? Guess what, I'm not even Iranian can see through your BS. Try harder.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29 AM

"Dude,do you really believe that BS??Guess what,I'm not even Iranian can see through your BS.Try harder."

I don't need to try harder or even guess because I have maintained and proven all along that the type of people (agents) that support the Fascist Islamic Regime are non Iranian and therefore have no right to question Iranians about the type of government they should choose.
So go and spread your nonsense elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Your conclusions are flawed.
Don't waste your time trying to change the facts. Iranians know the truth and one of the truths are that the Islamic regime is an inhuman anti Iranian entity.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did you get that information from that millions of Iranians supported the regime in 2009 elections?
Stop lying B.M.A the Iranian people were shouting....

Down with Khamenei !

Down with regime of tormentors !

No Jerusalem No Lebanon I sacrifice my life for Iran !

Down with Russia !

Down with China !

Who are you kidding B.M.A ?

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2011 12:56 PM

You missed the point.

So in your way you would prefer libya
instat of iran...well i dont know what to say...i will try it in your way... "Now go back under the stone"
The Kid

Anonymous said...

December 16, 2011 7:42 AM

"Dude,do you really believe that BS??Guess what,I'm not even Iranian can see through your BS.Try harder."

The Islamic regime has planted its agents everywhere...
this is really BS!!! The iranian Regime is by far not so well organized. I think this is something like paranoia...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28 PM

Example Trita Parsi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04 PM

What aren't you under that stone yet?
To much sunshine is bad for you !
Just crawl back under.

B.M.A said...

Sorry Guys!! for mis-splellings-and misplacements!!-
which I blame on my faulty laptop!!

Anonymous said...

Nonsense article.

Like someone who has studied medicine in his youth and after 30 years of doing something else,decides to write a scientific medical article.

Write about the US economy and leave Iran alone.

Paul Iddon said...

@ Anon 8:30 AM

I don't believe I expressed any sour grapes sir.

You on the other hand seem to be indulging yourself in a rather vile form of intellectual masturbation with your string of "blah's" following a rather banal and ultimately false quotation.

@ redz 4:22 PM

Ok you've lost me completely this time.

Are you implying I support the PJAK and MEK terrorists by pointing out the Iranian defence minister is a wanted man?

@ B.M.A

First and foremost, you didn't answer my last response to you from two weeks back on my column about the ransacking of the British embassy, am I to assume you agree with what I said there or have no rebuttals?

Again I thank you and salute you for taking time to refute what you consider to be discrepancies and falsehoods point by point:

1-CLINTON's behavior and IRAN

The reference to the regimes internal behaviour in the last few weeks is just in there to illustrate how capricious, cruel and wicked it has shown itself to be towards its own people.

As for the dress code and semi-nude women you refer to, what can I tell you, I also don't know where you're getting the idea that 'the woman has to be half naked to claim her right in Europe!!'
Could you cite a source to back up that statement?


You're romanticization of the regime and demonization of the United States is self-deluding, that's all I'll say about that.

@ Anon 7:08 AM

You'd give more credibility to your statement if you didn't immediately resort to an ad hominem allusion.

Anonymous said...

Best answer to Paul:
Paul read this and eat your heart out:

Anonymous said...

Islamic regimes claim in capturing a drone equals won a small battle.
Long term Islamic regime will lose the war.