Thursday, December 8, 2011

Press TV lambasts the idea of US-Iran reconciliation

In an article on Press TV Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast responded to news of the US opening up a virtual embassy for Iranians stating that is the epitome of America's failure in comprehending the Iranian nations "message" well over 50 years after the 1953 US backed coup against Mossadeq.

This virtual embassy was announced by Hilary Clinton in separate interviews for the Persian language version of the BBC and Voice of America. It will provide Iranians with online information for Visa applications and student exchange programs. Its introduction comes in light of the fact that the US hasn't had a physical embassy in Tehran since the 444 day hostage crisis at its former embassy which was instigated by Islamist students in November 1979.

"Virtual initiatives will not compensate this mistake or convey the US message to the Iranian nation as claimed," the Foreign Ministry spokesman has stated.


Anonymous said...

If Spokesman Ramin Mehanparast truly believes that the Iranian people don't like or have a negative message towards the US then why is it that the Islamic regime has blocked the site and prevented it's use by the local population.
Fear and hypocrisy come to mind.

And another thing what is he complaining about 1953 and Mossadeq if it wasn't for that this idiot and the damn regime wouldn't be in power today.
I know Iranians want to have normal relations with the US but these idiots and their backward regime don't want it because they know it will be the end for them.
America nuked Japan twice yet the Japanese are the best of partners in the business and military fields. So are the Germans. 1953 in Iran should be put aside and Iranians should look towards the future.
It's not good to hold grudges and people like Ramin Mehmanparast benefit by it and utilizing its propaganda and causing misery for other people.

Paul Iddon said...

@ Anon 6:03 PM

Very well said!
Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

The virtual embassy was such a ridiculous thing. How are Iranians supposed to pay the application fees when their banking system is cut off from the American system, and America is trying to cut it off from the world?

Also, why does the embassy website need to carry propaganda news stories from VoA or BBC Persian?

This "embassy" was not there to perform any consular work and was only a propoganda tool.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59 PM

It doesn't matter now does it?
Because Iranians can go back to listening to IRIB and Press TV I'm sure they are truthful right?

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with the obvious political overtones of the so-called US virtual embassy.

For their part, the Iranians have had a useful website connected to the Interests Section in DC for years, with no politics associated with it.

But for some reason the American one had to be loaded with it. Give us a break, for a change.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37 AM

Sure you were disappoint it shows by your snide remarks.

Gifted one said...

"America nuked Japan twice yet the Japanese are the best of partners in the business and military fields. So are the Germans."

They were at war. You might have heard of it, fought between 1939-1945? When was declaration of war between the US and Iran? I must've missed it, because that would explain the age old antagonism of the West towards Iranian self-determination. Because that's what it's all about in case you missed it, self-determination. Iran doesn't want American troops stationed on its soil, foreigners determining its government policy, and making it a client regime like the rest of its neighbours. Some would rather Iran be a servant in the big house, than a runaway slave. If the US wants diplomatic relations with Iran it should reopen its embassy, anything else is a PR ploy to sucker and deceive its useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Gifted one

Yes Gifted I have heard of WW2.
And that is precisely the point buddy old pal that Japan was at war with the US and after being nuked by the US they let the past be the past and don't hold no grudges.
You said if America means it they should open their embassy in Tehran.Come on Gifted you should know better that the Islamic regime doesn't want it and wont last one week if that happened.As an recent example look what happened to the British embassy.
This Islamic regime can't be trusted in policing their own home let alone foreign embassy's.
As for self determination is it the same self determination that the Islamic regime gave away our 50 per cent Caspian sea resources in return for 13 per cent?
Or the same self determination that our Persian gulf resources (the PARS gas field) is being siphoned away by Qatar.Or when Qatar is given the special codes used by our so called national airline Iran Air to be used by Qatar air as the main replacement to our own domestic services in our own country and you call that self determination Gifted ?
The facts are Gifted that Islamic regime has given away the countries self determination to countries like China and Russia at bargain basement prices in return for these countries to Veto US and EU resolutions against the regime at the UN.
What that means Gifted is that this Islamic regime is doing what the QAJARS were doing when they used to sell off bits of Iran to Russian empire so that they could preserve their status quo just like the present regime in Iran and you call that self determination.

Note: Iran is giving away it's oil to Greece a bankrupt member of EU and Greece can not and will not pay back Iran because of Iran's so called self determination.
Looks like the useful idiots and suckers are the ones that unconditionally believe the propaganda coming out of the Islamic regimes cake hole (mouth).

Gifted one said...

Anon 12:54
You make your point very eloquently, but i couldn't disagree more with everything you say.

America used its self-determination to elect Bush, attack Iraq, setting the stage for its military decline and massive strategic failure. My point being self-determination is no antidote again bad government, or failed policy.

But detractors of the Islamic Republic want us to believe that all its ills will be cured if only Iran would do as the massa (master) says, if Iran was subordinate to the Great White Man.

What makes you think that Iran's situation would be better if it capitulated to America and Israel rather than, as you believe, to China and Russia? Nothing, apart from your apparent belief in the inherent goodness and righteousness of the West, and their socio-political system.

America supported Mubarak in Egypt until the end, explain to me why you think they wouldn't have supported the Shah and his descendants, and his autocratic regime, until now?

I believe that the West is not inherently good, that their motives towards Iran have always been rotten, as demonstrated multiple times in history. Pro-Iranians are realists who watch and come to our conclusions based on historical evidence rather than some petty bourgeoisie, neo-colonised mentality.

Anonymous said...

@ gifted one.
Aman brother, aint it the truth.
to all Pro-Western/Neocon/Self hating Posters/doubters who are out of touch with the Iranian People. Here's a little more truth for ya.

You all, seem to be out of touch with what the Iranian people want. For 59 years,now, the Iranian People have endured crippling sanctions,Anglo-Brittish/American Hatred and dirty deeds. whether you want to accept it or not, it was Brittish anglo american hatred,that destroyed your country. I won't insult you, by repeating your country's history to you. But we can start with Prime Minister Moasaddegh. in 1952 when Prime Minister-Mo,Declared the Brittish an enemy of the Iranian people. The Anglo's, immediately began (Operation Ajax). Iran was a thriving Democracy up until this point. The Shah, the Majlis,and the Prime Minister, all acted in concert, for the greatorgood of the people. Until the dreadful coup of 1953. His Royalship Reza Pahlavi was in Interim exile,courtesy of the Brittish empire,and was restored to power only when he capitulated to the Brittish and assured them a healthy share of oil energy rights. Big Mo was arrested, the Majlis and the Iranian People had no Idea, that they were the Victims of a Diabolical Brittish/American covert plot called operation Ajax.
His Royalship Reza Pahlavi, was a Puppet, and he knew it. He There fore resented this fact, and took it out on the Iranian People. Hence the White Revolution. A poor Miserable attempt at political reforms. Enter the Majlis and the religeous comunity. Due to the poor mis- management/Iron fist and corruption of the shah, The Religious community and the Majlis had no choice but to seize the rains of power or be dictated to by Anglo- American/Brittish racist power, via Royal Puppet.
Enter the Theocracy. Say what you will about the Mullahs, Hate them all you want, but don't blame them for what has happened for the last 59 years. At least They restored, National Pride, dignity,Integrity and Self determination, back to the Iranian People. Yes it is true, that they starve and suffer from crippling sanctions. But their Pride, freedom,and Independence has been restored. they are not Slaves. and to The hippocrit Anon 12:54pm
Don't talk about, holding grudges trust,and forgiveness.The Iranian people will forgive when White supremacy has fallen and is no more!

Anonymous said...

Gifted one

"Pro Iranians who watch and come to our conclusions based on historical evidence rather than some petty bourgeoisie,neo-colonized mentality."

Gifted stop shooting yourself at your own feet!
Where did I say that Iran should be pro American or capitulate to the US?
Iran has already capitulated to the Russian and Chinese as mentioned earlier that's why they Veto the US and EU countries who are against the Islamic regime.
All regional countries in the Persian gulf and Turkey have benefited from Iran's misfortune and regime total incompetence.
Let me tell you the Russians don't give a damn about Iran neither do the Chinese.Their regimes in regards to China is anti human freedom of thought and practice. As for the Russia is a mafia state run by Putin and ex KGB gang.If you truly believe that your right and I 'm wrong why don't you go and live in those countries specially China basically practice what you preach.
The fact of the matter is that the Islamic regime does not want a normal relationship with the US because the regime is based on fear lies and propaganda since it's inception that's a historical fact.Soon as regimes like these open the gates the swelling of ideas and freedom of thought will overwhelm the offending regime namely the Islamic republic.
Now if you call that neo colonized and petty bourgeoisie mentality by me simply stating the truth as regards Islamic regimes disastrous policies which has nothing to do with being pro US OR EU then I would regretfully say that you are very short sighted indeed and fallen for the Islamic regimes propaganda machine.
I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

"and to The hippocrit Anon 12:54pm"

You are so full of hate and propaganda provided by the Islamic regime that you so cow toe by and so obviously causes your twisted and spiteful anti Iranian mentality to shine through as clear as day light.
Lost souls like you have lost all hope and there is no going back to reality.All that is left for the likes of you is to be an automaton for the mouth piece of the fascist Islamic regime and their cheap propaganda machine.
People of Iran (which sadly you claim to represent) are sick of liars and cheats who claim to speak on their behalf and falsely claim that the greater majority of Iranians support a backward and murderous fascist Islamist regime which has only self preservation and hypocrisy in mind despite the enormous suffering of the Iranian people by the mass murdering hyenas with their irate and inhuman inferiority complex which hypocrites like you blurt out and praise so often.
I hope you sleep easy at nights knowing full well that the regime you support has killed tens of thousands and continues to kill and rape every single day of the year in its prisons so that it can stay in power and oppress the people even more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21pm
Are you a Pakistani Muslim?
Because your understanding of our history is very poor and only a fanatic Muslim who hates Iran says things like that.

Gifted one said...

don't feel sorry for me brother. your subjugated mindset speaks for itself. you even resort to the vile tactics of racists asking me to leave the country i reside in. what bankrupt and transparent drivel.

you have loads of criticism for Iran, China, and Russia, you even salute the Japanese for reconciling with the US after the nuclear attack. It's obvious that you feel that the West can do no wrong, and the rest of the world is obligated to fall into line.

I very much doubt that you are an Iranian because even the most westernised Iranian would still possess a pinch of national, and cultural pride, something you so obviously lack.

you still didn't answer the questions i posed in my previous comment, don't think your bluster disguised that fact.

How would Iran be better off if it capitulated to Western demands? How do you know that the West wouldn't have supported, and wouldn't still support, a pro-Western client Iranian autocratic state, in the mould of Saudi, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, etc? After all when the Turkish democratic govt stated their displeasure with US preparations for war on Iraq the West practically begged the Turkish military to overthrow the civilian govt, just like they also supported Mursharraf against Pakistani civil society.

Your devotional worship at the feet of all things "Western" has blinded you to the truth of the fundamental nature of Iran's struggle and identity. A word of advice if you are an Iranian, which i doubt, love yourself brother. They don't give a toss about you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon,dec 9,4:20p.m.

"Now if you call that neo" colonized and petty bourgeoisie mentality by me simply stating the truth as regards Islamic regimes disastrous policies which has nothing to do with being pro US OR EU then I would regretfully say that you are very short sighted indeed and fallen for the Islamic regimes propaganda machine.
I feel sorry for you.

I feel sorry for you, dear sir.
You are an Orphan with out a home.
A ship wondering in the sea, without a place to dock. A sad and lonely man who refuses to respect the choice of his own people. Like it or not, the Majority of the Iranian People have chosen religeous Spirituality as their way and in this, they find peace and freedom. The Mullahs, may brain wash them, but it is better to be brain washed, by your own kind. Than to be brain washed by a Foreign Enemy.Just asked the black Africans of Africa,the little girls of the Phillipines who are raped by American soldiers. The Aboriginees of Australia, the Japanese whores, who came from a proud lineage,and now work the redlight District in downtown Tokyo. As for the Mullahs Disastrous policies. Simply The growing pains and hard lessons of a young 32 year old Government Independent and free.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon
December 9, 2011 5:58 PM
Spoken like the true sick- twisted sociopath,that you are. Can you sleep at night? supporting an Anglo American, Criminal Regime thats bent on enslaving humanity?
Can you sleep at night? knowing that you support a racist regime that is responsible for killing millions of Iraqis, starving them to death, then dropping love bombs of democracy upon them! can you sleep at night?, when you support a racist Anglo Regime, that turns the Women folk of Previous conquered countries into whores and destitute Zombies! Can you sleep at night? Lending your undying support for a racist regime,that practices a you deal, or we kill, foreign policy on none anglo nations only? I'll answer these questions for you. Yes you can. Because your a sick sociopath like your Superiors. Oh sure you've
convinced yourselfs. that your doing, whats right for the world. Thats what a sociopath does! He convinces himself first, then he goes about trying to convince others, that he means well,and wants whats best for the world. Then he or better yet, they spring their diabolical trap. I see right through you, you sick and poor excuse for a human being!you and your Anglo Superiors, remind me of the used sperm in a condom that should have been discarded days a go! How dare you accuse me of being like you. So now your Socio pathic way of life, has caught up with you and your Anglo Masters. Thats why your leaving Iraq. Because all you got to show for it is tens of thousands of cripples and a Bankrupt country!!!

Gifted one said...

U.S. arming Egyptian military crackdown

The US has a full, working, open embassy in Egypt doesn't it? So does the UK and Israel. I wonder how all that "diplomatic openess" is working out for the Egyptian people.

This is what some want for Iran, division, violence, balkanisation, impotence, servitude.

The West doesn't care about you.

Iran must be militarily, and socio-economically strong, independent, self-determinate, and resolute. It can achieve this whilst maintaining and enhancing its cultural, and national uniqueness. It must use the human capital, allies and resources it has as its disposal.

As Meir Dagan, the former Mossad chief, said recently, ""Iran acts as a rational country. It takes into consideration the fallout for itself, and therefore it isn’t in a crazy dash to reach nuclear capability,"
He said. "I think the people there are sophisticated and smart, and we shouldn’t underestimate the Iranians."

Do not be deceived into being led by the siren songs of the West until you crash into the rocks of intrigue, betrayal, subjugation, and exploitation.

Look at Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:50 PM

You must be charging overtime every time you write your pathetic dross on this site.
Why don't you go and sort your own life out instead of annoying others and polluting Iranian sites with your under handed rubbish.
And why don't you go and ask your so called spiritualist loving mullahs how they sell young 9 year old Iranian girls to UAE and Lebanon to be treated like a used rag by a bunch of dirty old terrorists.You must be proud of that.
The mullahs are not our own kind.They are a different entity which have nothing but contempt for true Iranian culture a bit like some of the imbeciles that come on this site and claim they are pro Iranian which is a big lie.
The only independent and free persons are the rabble you call the mullahs using and abusing Iran's resources and torturing and raping its people.
You have no shame or else you wouldn't come here and spread your nonsense on behalf of a pathetic dying old and useless regime.
You lack any courage to challenge your masters and have no country basically you've been bought out by bunch of terrorists and murderers who claim to represent spirituality and religion.
I hope your satisfied and proud of your support for a blood lust regime that glorifies death and sorrow above life and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Gifted one

The problem with you Gifted is that you don't want to understand the meaning of my sentences.
I said practice what you preach and go and live in countries in China and Russia.
What has racism got to do with it after all I am Iranian which you falsely claim otherwise.
If you reside in the US or Europe why do you hate them so much?
Simply go and live in China or Russia and stop being a hypocrite because I'm sure they will welcome you with freedom loving open arms,right?
I live in Iran and have family there you shouldn't accuse other Iranians just because they don't support a fascist Islamic regime as being a non Iranian that is a fascist comment by itself.
Iran's struggle and identity is its constant struggle against a system which was established nearly 500 years ago by the Saffavids namely the Shia mullah
establishment with their anti Iranian fairy stories.These people have turned Iran into one giant mosque for their selfish and bigot ridden views with the Iranian people as used and abused helpless onlookers so that it serves their greedy blood soaked purposes.
As for your question about capitulation I answered you already.I said Iran has already capitulated to China and Russia read my other post again.
For the sake of a Chinese or Russian VETO against the US and EU the Islamic regime has sold Iran's resources to the lowest bidder much like the Qajars done.What part of it you don't want to
I didn't say that Iran should capitulate to the West that is used as fear mongering by the regime just like when they say that without them Iran will break up!
So who's blustering now with all your misguided and underhanded words you claim "I obviously lack national pride" all I can say to that is rubbish and rubbish is what you support.The problem with people like you is that they have lived in the comfort of the West and accuse Iranians of being "obvious in their lack of national pride" and this coming from a supporter of a regime that hates nationalism and Iranian 3000 year history.Truly and utterly hypocritical and naive in your thought patterns.
I frankly don't give a damn if you choose not to believe anyone and stick to your regime inspired automated humdrum drivel because I and many other Iranians know where we stand as regards the future of Iran and it wont be with this theocracy.
Its entirely up to you to stay on board a gradually sinking ship and go down with it.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:50 PM

You should receive the top comedy awards for the biggest joker of the year!
And also may I recommend the good fairy story teller of the year.

Gifted one said...

Anon 10:34

So your argument is that I cannot live in the West and criticise the West, but you can live in Iran and criticise Iran?

I guess because the West is holy and above criticism, and Iran is evil right? And you claim to be an Iranian?

Okay, I get it. It's pointless trying to reason with a person so deeply self-hating and brainwashed. I give up.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon
December 9, 2011 9:21 PM

"You must be charging overtime" every time you write your pathetic dross on this site.
Why don't you go and sort your own life out instead of annoying others and polluting Iranian sites with your under handed rubbish.

Listen, to the Sociopathic Racist garbage, that comes out of your mouth! How dare you accuse me of being like you. You small minded Little troll of a man! you're an Insignificant little boil,on the backs of the Iranian people. That will soon burst, into the abyss of sinility and dimentia, you don't matter at all. And you know it.

"You lack any courage to challenge your masters and have no country basically you've been bought out by bunch of terrorists and murderers who claim to represent spirituality and religion.
I hope your satisfied and proud of your support for a blood lust regime that glorifies death and sorrow above life and happiness".

You should talk.If you call being a slave to financial Debt servitude,Inherent compounded taxation, for future generations.Treasoness Politicians, who bow to Zionist Masters. Life and happiness?financial terrorist who steal from the American people. Life and happiness? Pornographic Zionist Moguls,who prey on the destitute communities,Mexico/USA Sex Slavery and drug,trafficking. Life and happiness, is that what you and your kind are calling it these days?. Why,you're sicker than, my previous suspicions. And incase you haven't notice, theirs's a moral movement,a foot. to bring down, the zionist/capitalist, two party system that enslaves the American People.But you, you enjoy all of this,dont you? I hate to be disrespectful to an old man whose soul must suffer,immensely. But,please be advised that you cannot,continue to caress the phalllus of your Anglo/zionist masters for long. Their parasitic system of rule, will end sooner than you think. And the Iranian People, Along with they're weird Mullahs will have the last laugh!

At this time, I would like to take sometime out' to thank our esteemed Blogger Host. Mr Nader Uskowi. For providing us all, a forum to express our Political views. Thank you sir, for being fair objective and impartial. You are a Gentleman and a Journalist in the purest since, a crusader for the truth.
live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...

Gifted one

No Gifted I said don't be a hypocrite.
I live in Iran and I criticize the criminal regime.
You live in the West and praise the Islamic regime and criticize Western culture and democracy.That's called hypocrisy.
It's obvious what your agenda is.Your agenda is the constant peddling of fabricated Islamic regime lies and propaganda on Iranian sites.There are many hired agents like you throughout Iranian sites and foreign media outlets which try to convince Iranians and foreign public that the West is evil and at the same time say that the Islamic so called republic is very popular with the Iranian public which is known to be false.
The only decent thing you said so far is to give up because you know that you speak on behalf of a false and anti Iranian entity which will vanish into the pages of history for ever.

Anonymous said...

To all those so called Iranians who support the Islamic Theocracy.

Go and live in Iran and criticize the Islamic regime or better still criticize Khamenei or its founder Khomeini and see what happens to you.
Then come here and say the West is evil and Iran is blessed in having the Islamic regime.

So to all regime apologists stop being a hypocrite and practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

You move to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59 AM
The misguided one.

I can see by the why you express yourself that my words have hit a raw nerve.
I am glad you feel that way towards me. It shows that I said the right thing towards you and the regime. It also shows what a pathetic little weasel of a man with your anti Iranian dross you really are.
Now that you have expressed yourself in a free and democratic country why don't you go back to your turban headed masters with their hypocritical pedophile tendencies and receive your orange juice and sandwich you little traitor.