Monday, December 26, 2011

Iran: Economist Forecast for 2012

The Economist in its annual forecast of the world economies, predicted Iran’s rate of economic growth for 2012 to be at 2.2%. In the region, Libya and Iraq are predicted to have the highest growth rates at 13.6% and 10.9% respectively.

The annual rate of inflation for Iran is predicted to be at 16.5%, one of the seven countries with double-digit inflation rate, led by Venezuela at 30.6%.

Photo: The Economist, the New Year edition


Anonymous said...

what a surprise that the economist favors countries invaded by neocons.

Anonymous said...

Why did you not mention the German growth of 0.5% commentary.

shame on you

Stranger said...

well to be fare to Iraq and Libya. are countries who had a deep contraction due to the conflict so the growth rate in iraq and libya is just a growth of stability not actual growth

Anonymous said...

The Economist forecast was very generous indeed.

Anonymous said...

the only thing holding the Iranian economy together is that oil prices are really high.

Iran's oil and oil sales are obvious targets.

Anonymous said...

30 years of the same kind of BS. I must laugh when all this is done to raise the price of Oil

you can not boycott or replace Irans OIL

World population is now at a stage where every drop is vital and it has to be kept at a price where only those who can afford it can buy it.

The artificial boycott threats are there to keep the price up.