Monday, September 5, 2011

Iran to Grant IAEA “Full Supervision” of Its Nuclear Sites

If Sanctions Are Lifted

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Fereidoun Abbasi said in Tehran on Monday that Iran has offered IAEA “full supervision” of its nuclear activities for five years if the sanctions against Iran were lifted.

“We proposed that the agency keep Iran's nuclear program and activities under full supervision for five years provided that sanctions against Iran are lifted,” Abbasi said [ISNA, 5 September].

The IAEA has recently issued strong warnings on potential military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program, with Iran insisting on non-military nature of its program.

Under the current agreements with Iran, IAEA inspectors can visit declared nuclear sites. But since 2007 when the first of a series of sanctions started, Iran ended its implementation of the Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to prevent “intrusive” inspections of its nuclear sites. Iran maintained the implementation of the Additional Protocol was voluntary. IAEA maintains that Iran could not suspend the implantation of the protocol unilaterally.

Abbasi’s remarks today on “full supervision” by IAEA apparently would allow the IAEA to resume its “intrusive” inspections for the next five years if the sanctions are lifted.


Anonymous said...

So the decrepit theocracy has admitted the sanctions are hurting and now the regime wants to play a final trick to buy it another five years.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 6, 2011 5:15 AM

Spot on. The country financial functioning is almost paralyzed and the impact is servere. Despite that, this regime does not give up!

nwo-spook said...

This is a page from N Korea's Nuclear Touchdown play book- when up against the stalling of a major required step due to perceived immediate military threat from Western alliance (regarding nuclear program), inspectors were allowed, for only a time necessary to advance ops while preventing an attack- once complete, inspections were blocked, cameras where cut off by NK and today they have multiple warheads- Iran is close and already at breakout capacity interesting next 9 months as US elections approach-
Fingerprinted yellowcake already in inventory, and "plant evidence" post device residue signature... casus belli, pretext... old tricks new again?

Anonymous said...

This will get no where. Israeli control of American politics would never allow Iran and the US to have good relations. It has nothing to do with the nuclear program. It has to do with Iran's opposition to Israel.

Muller said...

I just checked. ISNA's report was different:
"TEHRAN (ISNA)–The Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, Fereydoon Abbasi said Iran has fully cooperated with the IAEA so far and would accept no more obligations.

“We have always cooperated with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and even sometimes it has exceeded the standards and we have also handed the required information,” Abbasi told ISNA
As to Iran's cooperation with the agency regarding the implementation of the additional protocol Abbasi added, “Our cooperation is limited to the regulations and standards of the IAEA, providing that it respects Iran’s rights and it does not include the implementation of additional protocol cooperation.”

End Item"

So, it doesn't include an additional protocol cooperation. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

A nice first offer from iran.

When it gets to "full supervision of all the sites for 5 years BEFORE sanctions get lifted" it'll get taken seriously.

Scythian said...

The theocratic regime may be in its final throes, but Iran will eventually acquire nuclear deterrence, with or without the regime's blessing. It is just a matter of time.

Steve said...

@Scythian - Iran already HAS acquired nuclear deterrence.
There is no need to actually build a nuclear weapon. It's completely sufficient to convince the enemy that such weapons could be put together in a useful amount of time, if required.
In my view, the whole sanctions game is only aimed at buying a little more time.
The question is how much worth is such a delay to the US and the rest of the pack ? Is it worth more than knowing in detail, where exactly Iran is located on the nuclear learning curve ?

Anonymous said...

---"Iran already HAS acquired nuclear deterrence.
There is no need to actually build a nuclear weapon. It's completely sufficient to convince the enemy that such weapons could be put together in a useful amount of time, if required."---

no Steve. iran has not acquired it....Iran has moved into the most dangerous timeframe where an infinitely stronger group of nations strongly opposed to iran's nuclear weapons program sees iran as fully committed to developing them but at least a year away from being able to assemble useful weapons.

This is the period when no defense and no deterrence but reason for an attack to prevent the completion of the weapons.

nwo-spook said...

"Iran already HAS acquired nuclear deterrence."

This is the "all options are on the table" bluff hyperbole that only a "believably nuclear competent" power can play- perception is in fact much of the game and people (generally) have been conditioned into "we'll believe it when we see it" sentiment, i.e. maintaining this condition pushes the regime into what will become facts "on the ground" that then the public will see as verifiable confirmation of "what they always suspected", (this is a powerful psychological directive tool) thus giving clear path toward removing regime and related radicalized elements of IRGC apparatus, with the evidence (that 'will be' linked to them) ... a false flag with residue of yellowcake from the "guard's" kitchen?

... truth is stranger than fiction.