Sunday, September 18, 2011

Iran: State of Palestine Must Include Israel

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in Tehran today that Iran would reject any move to recognize a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The Palestinian Authority is seeking the international recognition of Palestinian statehood alongside Israel with pre-1967 borders that will include the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Iran advocates a single Palestinian state that includes Isreal.

“We will never recognize the Zionist Entity and this is our solemn position ever since the success of the Islamic Revolution,” Salehi said [IRNA, 18 September].

“The issue of recognizing Palestine as an independent state could be on the schedule of the next UN General Assembly meeting, but Palestine cannot be left to split into two parts as many believe," Salehi added. “Our official position is that Palestine is the property of all Palestinians and we will not, under any circumstances, agree to its division.”


Anonymous said...

This position appears different than the one stated previously by Ahmadinejad, where he had stated Iran would go along with what the Palestinians wanted.

It may be that this is the position of Hamas, and they are expecting a U.S. veto, where both Hamas and Iran will both have rights to say "I told you so."

Unknown Unknowns said...

I agree with last anon about the possible perception of a shift. However, this is why the Iranian position is the correct one:

Here are the two last paragraphs from that piece:

Either outcome will keep the Palestinian people colonised, discriminated against, oppressed, and exiled. This entire brouhaha over the UN vote is ultimately about which of the two scenarios is better for Israeli interests. The Palestinian people and their interests are not even part of this equation.

The question on the table before the UN, then, is not whether the UN should recognise the right of the Palestinian people to a state in accordance with the 1947 UN Partition Plan, which would grant them 45 per cent of historic Palestine, nor of a Palestinian state within the June 5, 1967 borders along the Green Line, which would grant them 22 per cent of historic Palestine. A UN recognition ultimately means the negation of the rights of the majority of the Palestinian people in Israel, in the diaspora, in East Jerusalem, and even in Gaza, and the recognition of the rights of some West Bank Palestinians to a Bantustan on a fraction of West Bank territory amounting to less than 10 per cent of historic Palestine. Israel will be celebrating either outcome.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 11:42,
There are no vetos in the General Assembly. Are you saying Iran would not vote for a possible resolution in the General Assembly on Palestinian statehood?

Unknown Unknowns said...

If the Palestinian delegation puts the issue before the general assembly first, then I believe Iran would either abstain or vote against.

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a Palestinian and Israeli state alongside each other and regime can't do anything about it and besides it has nothing to do with the terrorist regime in Tehran.
The regime must stop spending Iran's money on terrorists in Israel and Lebanon so that they can satisfy their lunatic and fanatical desires.

And besides the theocracy will collapse pretty soon so it shouldn't let that concern them to much.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that the initial vote will be at the UNSC (where the Obama administration has stated it will veto), and then the PA will go to the UNGA for a non-voting member status.

Iran has been an advocate of the one-state solution, through referendum (per Ahmadinejad).

It would be interesting to see Hamas' position on the UN vote, to compare with this statement by the IRI FM.

Anonymous said...

Funny BlackMan Adam has gone from B.M.A to Mohammad today. The style of writing is the same and the babble is the same plus the ardent support for the current regime.

Mr Uskowi,

This guy has no shame. That is what a true Muslim like him should do. Lying and deceipt is part of the their culture.

Never mind I am sure he will come back as another loser tomorrow! May I suggest whoever you are to call yourself a "Tosser" next time?

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians and Israelis will one day live in peace within the organization that they both negotiate and agree to. The Palestinian people will then turn to their Muslim brethren in anger and demand to know why they were treated for so many years as tools of so many economic and political goals of the Arab State. Why did their Arab brethren use them as tools in this perpetual state of war....kept them poor, impoverished and in disgusting camps, while other Arab states bloomed in riches. Peace could have come to the middle east much earlier and with much less pain. You brother Muslims will be shamed.

Anonymous said...

Iranian FM is stating the obvious demographic fact. Contrary to some of the usual dwindling comments on this site due to its anti-Iran bias, the fact remains that the Zionist entity that was imposed by the British imperialists and their regional puppets like the Jordanian Hashemites and is destined for oblivion. The main reason being demographic as even the not so bright CIA assessment recently acknowledeged that the Zionist entity will not survive surrounded by millions of hostile Arabs, not to mention even Turkey a NATO "ally" is now drifting into a conflict with the arrogant Zionists strutting on US bankrupt taxpayer largesse and free weapons.

With the US itself now a global bankrupt with increasing domestic poverty, the continued parasitic funding of Zionism simply can not continue and regional developments, including the "Arab Awakening" and US military strategic defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan attest to further US weakening in the region and globally as power shifts to China and Asia.

The 5 million imported Zionists occupying Palestine are totally alien to the region, where over 500million Arabs have not accepted the existence of this trans-regional destabilizing entity imposed in 1948.

Even Egypt and Jordan, the two US aid dependent nations who were coerced into signing a "peace treaty" with the Zionists following the 1973 war (militarily an Egyptian victory by any standard as they would have worn out the Zionist military by sheer numbers in a war of attrition). General Shazli, the Egyptian Chief of Staff later sacked by Sadat paints a very gloomy picture of the Zionist military until the US intervened to save it. Some of the grown-ups may want to read CROSSING THE SUEZ by General Saadedin Shazli.

Now before the usual quota of delusional Islamophobes gets worked up about Zionist "nukes" and military prowess, let's remember that the USSR had over 20,000 nukes but that did not save the Soviets and the Communist bloc from disintegration. Zionist fate will be no different. It is only a matter of time as the Zionists living on stolen land and borrowed time collapse. The Zionists through sheer savagery against a defenceless Palestinian population have been able to perpetuate a brutal occupation, however as the 2006 war against Hezbollah proved that the Zionists have a hard time coping with adversaries armed with more than mere stones and molotov cocktails.

Using 21st centurty weaponry against unramed women and children in Gaza is one thing, taking on an increasingly hostile youthful population of Arabs indefinately in a war of attrition is another matter altogether. 5 million luxury oriented Zionists packed into a narrow coastal strip from Tel-Aviv to Ashdod are now very vulnerable to modern missiles that are proliferating in the region. In the next war the Zionists would not be immune or a have a carte blance to murder civilians. The Egyptian domestic situation is also very unpredictable.

The Iranian government is well aware of the Arab street views and has hence stuck to its principled position regarding the total rejection of the Zionist entity. Time and history will vindicate Iranian position as the region heads towards increasing Islamization, the survival of the imported Zionists will be impossible. The clock is indeed ticking.

Now feel free to censor or post the usual drivel and insults that pass for discussion on this blog, which is increasingly out of whack with ground reality in Iran or the region. Perhaps the tiny number of people posting now represent the totally delusional wiishful thinking so typical of some of the anti-Iran and Islamophobic diaspora. A whiff of reality never hurts.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Anon 9:42 PM,

amongst all the other inaccuracies in your comment, and there were many, you even managed to screw up the number of Arabs.

You do get a point or two for mentioning Crossing The Suez, and if you have read it you'll know that the invasion was in great part motivated by the the disgraceful and cowardly performance of the Egyptian armed forces in previous encounters with the Israelis.

The last war, which Egypt lost, is famous because it was the only time that the Egyptians didn't disgrace themselves.
After the Egyptians lost, but managed to fight without bringing disgrace upon themselves, they felt that they had recovered enough of their pride to ask the Israelis to return the Sinai so that Egyptians didn't have to see israeli soldiers near the Suez Canal.

The Arabs have taken their shots at destroying Israel and have lost time and again. The only thing that might destroy Israel is their own arrogance. The arrogance of the Arabs is what caused the whittling away of the Palestinian lands. The lands that they could have had in '48 have been reduced through their own idiotic actions.
The arrogance of the Iranian regime has cost the Iranian people a great deal and it's now to the point where Israel is going to still be there long after the Iranian regime has been wiped from the page.

Anonymous said...

Here are elements of the Hamas position, assumed to be in synch with that of the Iranian position:

Anonymous said...

@ anon September 18, 2011 11:05 PM

Dear anon, your hasbara propaganda nothwithstanding and sheer ignorance of Arab and Islamic populations, I have posted the current PEW demographic reality for the Muslim and Arab world. BTW, Egypt alone is pushing 85 million, followed by Algeria, Morrocco and then some, so do get out and smell the roses. The Zionist entity is doomed and will simply not last in a war of attrition against the Arabs, once the fragile puppet regimes have been toppled.

The Iranian position presented by Dr.Salehi just reflects the general view in the Muslim world where not a single person is willing to accept a Zionist regime perceived as a CANCER in the heart of the Muslim world. The Zionists have no roots in Palestine, let alone in the 2 BILLION strong Muslim world accounting for over 26% of the world population. It is indeed a question of time when the Zionists pack their bags and head home to the slums of US and ghettos of Europe. The Zionist experiment failed miserably and bankrupted the US along with it.

Secondly, your deliberate distortion of the Egyptian military performance exceeds the bounds of the usual Zionist propaganda and delusion. Egypt had soundly thrashed the Zionists in two weeks and rendered the Zionist airforce impotent, hence the US massive airlift and bribes to Sadat who double crossed the Syrians who bore the brunt on the Golan. Anyway, you can believe in fantasies for your amusement.

The most important point is that the Islamic Republic will far outlast the Zionist savages whether you like it or not. Iran is not occupying Arab lands, but stating a principled position in line with the aspirations of an awakening Muslim world. Just smell some coffee and see how the future unfolds as US bites the dust and mass social upheavel overtakes the deadbeat US economy. All signals point to a total US collapse as the Islamophobic wars consume the dead beat US economy. It is the ultimate irony that two of the weakest and smallest Muslim nations, Iraq and Afghanistan bled the US to death. Warmongering always destroys the agressor who underestimates its adversaries due to hubris and arrogance.

Please take some time to read the interactive Islamic population map, you may learn a thing or two.LOL. Kindly learn to discern FACTS NOT WALLOW IN FANTASY.

The key findings of the recent Pew demographic research are:

• If current trends continue, Muslims will make up 26.4% of the world's total projected population of 8.3bn in 2030, up from 23.4% of the estimated 2010 world population of 6.9bn
• From 1990 to 2010, the global Muslim population increased at an average annual rate of 2.2%, compared with the projected rate of 1.5% for the period from 2010 to 2030
• 79 countries will have a million or more Muslim inhabitants in 2030, up from 72 countries today
• In the US the population projections show the number of Muslims more than doubling over the next two decades, rising from 2.6m in 2010 to 6.2m in 2030
• In Europe, the Muslim share of the population is expected to grow by nearly one-third over the next 20 years, rising from 6% of the region's inhabitants in 2010 to 8% in 2030
• The UK's Muslim population is set to rise from 2.9m now to 5.6m in 2030 - up from 2% of the UK population to 4.6%

Anonymous said...

Mr Anon 9:42 PM

"A whiff of reality never hurts".

You better unblock your nose then and breath in the whiff of reality of the rotting carcass that is the Islamic republic.

Anonymous said...

Any Palestinian state can include Iran if it suited iran's Foreign Minister. His opinion, and the opinion of iran's government, doesn't much matter when it comes to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points by Unknown Unknowns September 18, 2011 12:47 PM. The time is coming for when the only real solution will be unavoidable: one state. Yes, one state with equality for all and equal voting rights for the Palestinian people. It happened in South Africa with the end of apartheid there. Apartheid in Palestine, like its smaller relation in South Africa, is unsustainable.

Anonymous said...

The most so called themselves Jews in the world, haven't ever had any ancestors born in the lands of present dispute.
They follow illusions that they have some rights to settle on those teritories, because their ancestors converted themselves to Judaism, somewhere in Asia in a distant past.

Couple years agou the AP reported that a catholic priest in Mexico had abandoned his post because he learned that his ancestors were Jews.

Then, what does it mean to be a Jew, when most people pretending to be Jews, in the world, do not believe in any God and instead worship themselves.

There is interesting material regarding those matters on the Internet - Khazarian Empire.