Friday, September 9, 2011

IRGC General Killed in Clashes with PJAK

IRGC Colonel Hamid Ahmadi speaks with journalists about military operations against PJAK during a news conference in Tehran. 17 August 2011. AFP Photo

Brig. Gen. Abbasali Jannesari, a senior IRGC commander, was killed today during clashes with Iranian Kurdish militant group PJAK in Iranian Kurdistan.

“Brigadier General Abbasali Jannesari was martyred during clashes with the PJAK terrorist group in the western parts of the country,” said an IRGC official [Fars News Agency, 9 September].

Gen. Jannesari was the commander of IRGC Artillery, Missile and Air Defense Group, based in Isfahan. A state funeral is scheduled for Saturday in the city. 10 IRGC troops also died in the clashes while nearly 30 PJAK militants were killed.

In July, IRGC launched a major offensive against PJAK militants, shelling districts near Iraq’s border for weeks. Last Monday PJAK declared a unilateral truce and called on Iran to reciprocate in order to prevent further bloodshed.

The IRGC said a ceasefire by PJAK would be “meaningless” if the group refused to withdraw its forces from the Iranian territory.


Anonymous said...

RIP soldier of Iran !

B.M.A. said...

THESE BRAZANE ATTACKS BY THE PJAK ON IRAN'S INTERESTS AND MILITARY OFFICERS HAVE A VERY SAD ENDING.who will teach these stooges that there is always a legal way out of any problem?

Anonymous said...

RIP for your struggle against the terrorists

Winston said...

good riddance