Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comment Policy at Uskowi on Iran

Uskowi on Iran encourage all of our readers to comment. Our goal is to maintain a community where readers feel free to express themselves, but we also recognize that some conversations following blog posts on this site can descend into negative sniping and personal attacks. When this happens, we reserve the right to close the comments on those pages. Comment moderation is in effect and comments are usually processed within three to six hours.

We encourage comments that:

- Are "on topic", and that respond to the content in the blog post
- Are responses to comments left by other readers
- Are to-the-point and substantive
- Have a positive/constructive tone
- Are open to being contradicted by other readers
- Might disagree with the content in the blog post, but they never insult the writer of the blog post, or other commenters

We discourage comments that:

- Are not "on topic", or are not responding to other comments or the content in the blog post
- Are non-substantive or non-contributive to intelligent discussion
- Insult the writer of the blog post or other commenters
- Are negative or juvenile in tone

We will delete comments, without notice, that:

- Are abusive, harassing, threatening or vulgar
- Are personal attacks, including name-calling or celebrations of another person's death or misfortune
- Contain advertising or spam


reader said...


A timely retro-respective moderation may be worth consideration. I appreciate that this may not be possible on 24/7 basis and an automated moderation robot may not be practical on a free google service, but a custom made website may also be worth consideration. As the format of your website is of the standard variety and you already own your own domain name, it may not be too difficult to find a moderately priced content management system with built-in discussion group module to meet the requirement. Of course, this all depends on how much time you can afford in managing your website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the adoption of new "Comment Policy"! This is not a moment too soon as the contents of some comments have been becoming too wild and not to the point. The 6-hour gestation period sounds reasonable, considering the fact that comments are often posted from various time-zones and so they cannot humanly be reviewed by a live moderator immediately and posted online. The use of a "content management system" suggested by "reader" (12:14PM), while used by some blogs, can never replace an "independent" human moderator. Keep of the good work ! Azar...

Anonymous said...

I have stopped reading the comments, only came in here to mention this because of the nature of the article.

The tendency of one or two people who imply to be a whole bunch and make identical anti Iranian and anti religous and anti cultural sentiments is simply too childish and too unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi

Yes it's very worrying when you have a minority of childish regime supporters coming on this blog and babbling their nonsense which we know as not true.


Anonymous said...

after reading larger parts of Mr. Iddon's editorial there is my impression that Iran should not depend on policies and cultures of some outside "emporiums" because they use to dissappear sooner or later. Regardless of religious believes of Iranian shia clergy, many of them excel aninteligence of "clowns" competing for a leadership of those emporiums.