Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fadaeeyan-e Harim-e Vellayat III (6) - Videos

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force exercise

Press TV (YouTube upload by ardalanhamrah)
IribNews (YouTube upload by Agaahi)


Gifted one said...

Thanks guys for keeping us up to date with the fantastic photos and videos from Iran. Much appreciated indeed as Iran continues to impress!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive and professional airforce indeed. IRIAF is the genuine master of the F4E and F5E along with the domestically built twin finned variant which has better aerodynamics and upgraded avionics including BVR all weather radars. The upgraded Chinese Chengdu J-7 (F7) Airguards also seem to have been heavily modified with new weapons ports and ejection seats and multiple pylon rails for AAMs. They are good airframes with very good manoeuverability at lower altitudes in tight turns in excess of 8 G's and mated with the Iranian manufactured FATTER (AIM-9X) they are formidable dogfighters over home turf backed up by MIG 29 Zhuk and F-14A BVR radars along with ground based long-range radars for precision vectoring interception over Iran's airspace and Persian Gulf.

The wide array of precision guided munitions is also a welcome addition to the IRIAF firepower. Iranian forces have truly come a long way from the challenging days of the jange tahmili when even the tyres for F4's had to be bought on the blackmarket, let alone the sidewinders (which now Iran produces in hundreds in advanced variants).

The newer generation of pilots under the mentoring of war veterans is also very well trained with most logging many more real time simulated combat hours than any previous generation. The main reason being, better engineering infrastructure, better training and higher educational levels and exposure to a range of western-eastern aircraft.

IRIAF now also trains with various friendly airforces in the region and has access to all US types of aircraft in the region including the proliferating F-16 (one of which recently defected from Bahrain). The Chinese J-10 is pretty much an upgraded F-16 as well (based on the ill-fated Zionist Lavi project with canard modifications). With IRIAF's thorough knowledge of main adversary aircraft in the region, Iranian pilots with superior training and morale will have no problem delivering a bloody nose to any potential aggressor. The Persian Gulf Arab puppets could not sustain operations without US/UK/French and Pakistani support for even one day, let alone match Iran's daily sortie rate and the superior quality of IRIAF pilots.

Ironically, it is IRIAF pilots like Major's (later promoted to Generals) Abbas Dowran and Jalal Zandi and many others who hold the world record for dogfight kills on US manufactured aircraft than any American pilot.

Iran today is also the sole operator of the F-14A rightly dubbed the Persian Cat since the USN retired and even dismantled all the remaining F-14 in 2006 so that even their junked spares would not end up in Iran. However, Iran now produces 100% of all spares for every type of US manufactured aircraft in its inventory. Over 300 US manufactured planes are still flown by the IRIAF. The most prolific heavily Iranized US made aircraft still flying in pristine upgraded condition are the 60 plus F-14A Persian cats, the venerable and highly respected F-4E and the much loved and completely revamped F-5E Tiger, the workhorse of the IRIAF. Iran had received over 377 F-4 variants with over 300 F5's (many others bought from Vietnam and Ethiopia to replace war losses) and used for airframes and cannibalized spare parts during the wr.

IRIAF remains the true defender of Iran's vast blue skies as this massive exercise highlights.

Anonymous said...

To keep these birds flying with all the features and some upgrades is tough feat even under sanctions..Welldone Iran

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45 PM

Where do you come up with all this exaggerated misinformation?

377 F4 Phantoms 300 F5s 60 plus F14s access to all types of US aircraft including F16 really???

So Iran has access to the F15 F18 and Typhoons? I presume the Arabs are falling over themselves to show and allow Iran to test their weapons???!

Also that piece of junk the Chengdu F7 Airguard is only good for one thing and that's target practice by the US navy!!

For your information Iran only bought 125 F5 Freedom fighters 225 phantoms and 80 F14 TOMCATS not Persian cats of which one has remained in the US.
And all those were in the IIAF when Iran was friendly to their suppliers namely the US.
So how come Iran has more Phantoms and F5s 33 years after the coup of 1979?
The answer is quit simple you don't know what your talking about and you have a tendency to over exaggerate Iran's capability against her foes namely the US NATO and Saudi Arabia and some Persian gulf states.

So don't lie and over exaggerate because it sounds like nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 16, 2011 12:47 PM

I agree with you. If there was a price on nonsense that guy would have been a millionaire by now.

It seems to me that some of these people live in a fantasy world! Let us not forget that these flying coffins are mostly over thirty years old and after so many years they suffer (least but last) from metal fatigue. That is the reason they unfortunately have accidents of all sorts. In this exercise one of the F5s was lost as well.

It seems that most of statements made by this guy has no scientific basis and based upon wishful thinking. One of those type of Iranians who sit in the West believing every propaganda that comes their way. They love Iran but have not been there for donkeys years!

I suggest fort these people to put their money where their mouth is and take a trip to Iran and see for themselves. Judging by the car industry of Iran, all they have managed after 30 years is to assemble low cost outdated copies of French and South Korean cars. By that token it must be a miracle somehow that Iranian aircraft industry is world class. These people have forgotten the operation Praying Mantis in which US attacked and destroyed one Iranian oil platform and sank Iranian frigate Sahand and damaged Sabalan. All it says about Iranian air force is about two F4 approaching an American carrier group and fleeing soon thereafter. These are factual information whether it is hard to swallow or not. The figures in this guy’s case simply do not add up!.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 16 sep. 12:47
Spot on. This guy is delusional.
These 35 year old antiquated fighter jets will be shot down easily in a conflict. My guess is that they would not even bother to send them up against a far superior adversary unless they hang a plastic key around the neck of the poor pilots first.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 16, 2011 7:48 PM

After so many years being away from Iran, my interaction with Iran was through these type of webs and IRNA and unfortunately I used to take their propagenda at face value!

Having been to Iran twice this year, and through personal experience, my outlook has totally changed.

You see a country that has made in-roads in some areas, but otherwise stagnant. The only difference is the hyper inflation that has made Iranians even poorer compared to the past.

Technology wise, very little to ride home about. As I said all you see in the streets are cheap assembled copies of French cars. Japanese and Europeans have long vacated Iran and there comes rubbish from China and Turkey plus some South Korean stuff (Samsung, LG etc). Even you get staplers from Vietnam and vaccum cleaners etc are made in Malaysia!

Now we are talking about technology. In aircraft industries the best reliable source seems to be Belarus that passes Soviet era electronics to Iran and that is as far it goes.

So how this majotr industry is going to be world class without assistance from a major technology leader? Even Europeans join together to produce next generation fighters. How on earth Iran is going to match that with limited technical capability, management expertise and finance?

The only alternative for Iran is to open herself up to the World in order to coorperate and attain technology from the technology leaders and that is impossible under the current regime.

If you are cornered and your best frienda happen to be Turkey (?), Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe and other quasi terrorist states what chance do you have?

The nation's money is siphoned up to Dubai and Turkey in Billions by the regime (the latest one was from Bank Saderaat and an individul that could only be identified by his initials). This is the situation of the country. Shambles!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48 PM

That's right and to add insult to injury the plastic keys will be made in China !

Anonymous said...

Mr Anon September 15 8:45 PM

"With IRIAF'S thorough knowledge of main adversary aircraft in the region,Iranian pilots with superior training and morale will have no problem delivering a bloody nose to any potential aggressor".

Don't let nationalism blind you!
All you have to do to rewrite your comment above is substitute IRIAF for US navy and it will go like this.

With Americas thorough knowledge of their main adversary Iran in the region and the US navy with their superior training and technology plus their extremely high morale will have no problem in shooting the IRIAF'S 35 year old US supplied flying coffins out of the sky thus rendering the poor Iranian pilots as another victim of the fanatical and stupid policies of the theocratic regime.

How my I ask has the IRIAF have any knowledge regarding the US navy's F18s equipment or Saudi's F15s and Typhoons can you please tell me.
But I can tell you that they have all the knowledge regarding Iran's antiquated old junk despite their upgrades and the IRIAF pilots know full well that the adversary is an extremely deadly opponent.

Anonymous said...

yep the keys will be made in China and the Chinese will be glad to send tonnes of these keys with the excuse that they are unable to pay in hard currency due to sanctions!

On the other hand they may decide to send few of those useless chow main fighter bombers to Iran so that Iran can use them against PJAK.

On a serious side if you look around this regime has failed on every strategic front. Even that beggar nation Turkey is double crossing Iran by allowing US to put radars there. The issue is that US has surrendered Iran from practicallyu everywhere. In the South is Bahrain bases and US carrier fleet. To the southwest is Iraq, West is Turkey, East is Afghanistan and Pakistan both countries without a central government. In the north you have the former Soviet states with Amercian bases and there is Azerbaijan infested with CIA and Mossad. I guess the only country that has had genuine relationship with Iran is Armenia and guess what they are not muslims!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12 PM

There is a double-edged sword when Iran is surrounded by U.S. bases. This put the bases well within striking range of Iran's ballistic missile forces. With that said, Iran may have lost on every strategic front, but at least it had gained a strategic leverage over those bases which should make the U.S. think twice about attacking Iran from there.

Anonymous said...

Ballistic missiles are of no use unless they are nuclear armed.
Attacking a large base with conventional explosives will not be effective and besides the US has ample enough conventional and nuclear armed ballistic and cruise missiles which can be launched from their nuclear powered submarines.

Anonymous said...

Let's get real folks, the US is deadbeat and bankrupt LOSER and can not win against Pashtun tribesmen armed with mere AKs and RPGs, let alone start a final swan song war against Iran which is more than capable of defending itself. Wishful thinking is one thing but utter delusions need medication or at least adult supervision.

How and with what is a bankkrupt and weakened US where more people live on streets and rising unemployment, going to "attack" Iran and why now when the US is at its weakest?

Do you guys ever think logically? or is it just frustrated playstation video wargaming? At least look at SIPRI and IISS military inventory figures to check the size of NATO airforces and their dwindling inventories before making silly claims about US "power". US can't even complete the decade long overdue F-35 which is over 700% its allocated budget thanks to rampant corruption in the US military-industrial complex. The US military is really being worn out by the endless lost wars. Almost all US airplanes are 1970's vintage F15, F-16 F18 and B1 and B2. The B-52's which the Vietnamese had no problem shooting down are 1950's outdated junk. So with what is the US going to war with? BTW, even the Serbs shot down a F-117 "stealth" fighter with ease. Iran is no Serbia (8 million people with 55K sq miles). attacking Iran is NO JOKE. If the US or Zionists could have they would have.

How do you attack a nation of 75 million with a capable military, sitting on top of world's energy resources and routes when US economy is imploding and the global power balance has shifted to Asia? Please do enlighten us with Hollywood scenarios about US military might LOL! Also send a video to Mullah Omar so that the Afghans who are whupping US arse may also be "shock and awed" by your wisdom.

The delusional fantasy based arm chair warmongering posted on this blog is beyond cute. Rest assured there is no power on earth capable of attacking Iran, nor any such absurdity is going to happen? However keep dreaming as it is good to have an imagination of an impending US/Zionist "strike" against Iran since 1979. And the same goes for "regime change".LOL.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 18 10:59 PM

I couldn't but laugh at your very unconvincing and theatrical comedy sketch regarding the "bankrupt LOSER" USA and it's "vintage" armed forces against the economically thriving and mighty Islamic state with it's very advanced up to date armed forces!

I must honestly say that the person who suffers from delusional grandeur and has no idea about the realities sitting behind his keyboard and typing comedy sketches is a true inspiration for up and coming young comedians so keep it up and you never know you just might receive a top award from Press TV for services rendered !

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 PM

Take that tinfoil hat off your head it's not doing you any good and clouding your judgment on reality!!
Americas vintage junk will whoop Iran's stone age junk out of the sky!
They don't need to use airplanes just cruise and submarine based ballistic missiles and that alone will wipe out all Iran's known military infrastructure so stop these infantile comments because it reads like nonsense.
And besides you seem to mention Pashtun tribesmen a lot are you one of those Pakistani guys who pretend they are Iranian or just a regime loving dude that lives in the West and has twisted dreams about the glories of bankrupt Islam in Iran?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about this guy is that he thinks the American F15 , F16 and F18 are 1970 US technology (Obviously with no knowledge about constant upgrades of these weapon systems) but believes that the Iranian F4 and F5's (The same junk US technology according to him) "upgraded" by the Iranians are far superior than the original. It's just hiliarious. I think we should stop replying to his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The air force has long been neglected in terms of budget allocation anyway, since both the military AND the political establishment in Iran know full well they will pose no credible challenge in that area in any military scenario during the context of a major confrontation. That is why by far, most of financial and human resources have been dedicated to research and development in the fields of anti-ship and air defense sectors of the industry, i.e the hundreds of "Noor" and "Qader" missile launchers positioned and camouflaged along the PG coast since the early 2000s, respective equivalents of chinese C-802s and C-803 with a demonstrated ability against the INS frigate Hanit which was almost sunk back in 2006. These weapons have been credited with a high rate of success by multiples successive Pentagon reports for Congress and are considered a cornerstone of Iran nuisance capability against USN assets in the PG during any potential confrontation with the latter. Add to that the latest publicized, and validated achievements in the area of air defense, notably the Buk-M2 lookalikes labelled "Ra'ad" which many experts have quoted as genuine copies of modern russian technology obviously sourced by Iran through various black channels in classical fashion since the Iran-Iraq war, and 29 Tor-M1 batteries officially sold by the Putin administration for specialized anti-cruise air defense, a full upgrade and production program for the legacy HAWK batteries (which i will not count as credible for now since no operationnal history exists yet to support their global efficiency compared to their original 80s version, same goes for the Crotale/FM-80-90 derivatives that have been recently unveiled, but their existence alone in signifiant numbers will force consideration in a military planning) and you have more than a credible overall threat against any attacking force, both from sea and from the air. Ballistic missiles are more a retaliatory arsenal than an actual first strike tool. And they do pose a credible threat to nearby american bases, even though none of this means Iran has the slightest chance of sustaining a war of attrition with the US more the a few weeks or month at best. The thing is, the losses implied by all the aforementioned elements for both the USAF and the USN mean any administration will think twice before going all-out against the country with all the big guns involved, 2003 style. And these figures don't even take into account the formidable destabilization capabilities Iran can trigger in the region, making this another major additional leverage by arming insurgent forces in Afghanistan, to name only them. Note that up until now the Islamic regime has consistently refrained from providing the Taliban or any other anti-american fighting force with advanced, chinese-derived MANPADS with proven efficiency, to avoid from giving rise to a needed Casus Belli for the US. That would definitely change in a loosing shooting war with them, and a islamic establishment left with no alternatives but to try every possible means of inflicting damage to the enemy.