Monday, September 5, 2011

Iran Military Declares Readiness to Defend Country

Generals Warn the West Against Attacking Missile and Nuclear Sites

Three senior Iranian generals told reporters in Tehran on Sunday, within hours of each other, that the Iranian armed forces are ready to defend the country against military attacks by the West.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Army Brig. Gen. Abdolrahim Mousavi said Iran's Armed Forces are “geared up” to defend their country.

“Some Iranian weapons will be kept secret until the day comes to face the enemy,” Gen. Abdolrahim Mousavi said [IRNA, 4 September].

Gen. Mousavi did not elaborate what types of weapons still unknown to outside world he was referring to. He added that the military was actively monitoring the developments in specific areas as part of its readiness to counter the attacks.

Later in the day, Brig. Gen. Mohsen Heidari, the Deputy Commander of IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base, said the IRGC are holding exercises aimed at preparing it for “times of crisis.”

“We have tried [to enable] each region to be independent for itself and needless of the central command, because our strategy is based on having each region stand on its own feet and to meet its own needs at the time of crisis,” Gen. Heidari said [Fars News Agency, 4 September].

Gen. Heidari also said the country had started mass-producing new generations of domestically made air defense systems known as Mersad (Ambush) and Sayyad (Hunter) II. Mersad is reportedly capable of hitting targets up to 150 kilometers away, while Sayyad II is comprised of two-stage missiles that reportedly can be used against aircraft at medium and high altitudes.

Meanwhile, IRGC Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Yadollah Javani said on Sunday that attacking Iran would be a “grave mistake.”

Referring to a recent threat by French President Nikolas Sarkozy, Gen. Javani said the US and the West are incapable of attacking Iran.

“Today, Iran has the ability to defend itself and when you look at Western scientific strategic circles, they say attacking Iran would be a grave mistake as it is able to defend itself,” Gen. Javani said [Fars News Agency, 4 September].

The seemingly coordinated declarations by the three senior generals warning the West against attacking Iran, and raising the expectations for a possible military attack on the country, were unusual in recent years. Since late 2007, when the US said Iran had halted its research on developing nuclear weapon capabilities, the Iranian generals have restrained their comments on possibilities of military attacks on Iranian missile and nuclear sites.


Anonymous said...

Mersad is reportedly capable of hitting targets up to 150 kilometers away
Sir, but i guess its 15 mile = 24km for with Shahin missile and 40km for Shalamcheh missile and both operate with Mersad defense system.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the US would have attacked Iran by now if they knew that the Iranian military is as weak as the Libyan military. (The same applies for Syria)
They know that they will have to pay a heavy price for an attack, however I guess that they believe that the price has to be paid if Iran start to get cloes to the "ponit of no return" on its nuclear weapon capability as the price for a nuclear Iran would be much higher.
The statement by the Iranian General about not revealing some of Iran's capacity is true for the US military capabilities as well.

Anonymous said...

Iranian generals are usually quoted in Iran's English media at least once a month, warning the West against an attack. Si here there was the opportunity to provide three.

It's just more of the same; providing the media component of a defense based upon deterrence.

Anonymous said...

if iran is weak nations they are already a colony of US as happened in iraq and libya

Anonymous said...

The US and NATO will be doing the theocracy a great favour if they attacked Iran because that will keep regime for another twenty years just like the Iran Iraq war had done.Right now Khamenei is praying for an US Israeli attack so that it could save their asses!
But I've got bad news for the Akhoond it will not happen just wait for your own people to turn against you!

These "generals" talk from the back of their asses!
They know full well that a full blown US attack will destroy every important structure standing they are using their position to make us believe that Iran is resisting the US just cheap brainless propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18 AM

That's right just like Iran is the colony of the Arabs !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nader, how can you allow such crude comment from anon 2011 8:03 AM to be published?

Can't this forum focus on civilized discussion based on facts rather than cheap smear campaign?

Alborz said...

iran versus US is like hisbullah against israel.

the american can not win this war.
even if they are not able zo defeat some iraqi od Afghan Ak47 fighter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:55 AM

"Can't this forum focus on civilized discussion based on facts than cheap smear campaigns"

But this is a civilized discussion what I stated are the facts what else could it possibly mean? Come on!

The facts....All this talk of attack is nonsense.
The facts...."Generals" know that in all out war most important military structures will be destroyed.
The facts....Khamenei is really praying overtime for Iran to be attacked to save the theocracies, excuse the word, Backside!

The most important fact of all is....No matter what this obnoxious
theocracy does or thinks it's days are numbered nothing can save them from their impending doom nothing! Not their obsolete weapons nor their hidden nuclear programs because the Iranian people want this theocracy to go to oblivion !

Anonymous said...

Dear Alborz

"iran verses US is like hisbullah against israel."

You mean..Iran verses US is like ant verses ant eater !

Please face reality !

Anonymous said...

How come we are letting the USA build missile shield in Turkey?

These radars will keep us from our goals!

Anonymous said...

Alborz, you're about as wrong as wrong can be.

the US, should it choose to attack iran, will have little difficulty, just as it had little difficulty in attacking Afghanistan or Iraq.

you fail to note the difference between attacking a country and deposing it's government, as the US did with ease in those other two instances, and "defeat(ing) some iraqi od Afghan Ak47 fighter."

Those fighters with AK47s only come out after the country has been shattered and are a response to the rise of a new regime.

If that's what you're counting on, it's not much.

Anonymous said...

The judiciary spokesman Mohseni Ejehi accused the unnamed foreign hands of organizing the water gun campaign and calling them "Counter Revolutionaries".Radan promised to squash them.

Now what does that tell you?
It tells you that a very paranoid regime is even scared of a water fight in the park by a group of happy go lucky young people.

Then you expect the theocracy to fight the United States when they are clearly scared of their own shadow !

Anonymous said...

to all smart people on command knowladge, i believe theire is no country in this plannet of the earth has ever tried to challange usa except iran in recent years by studied iran capability i strongly believe they can defeat usa and israel in several front any thing say just a word only action in real war will make reality to all they ask for the claime.

Anonymous said...

America and the West should stop getting into wars and deal with their own disasters back home:

30+ people, including many kids, shot during 2 days in New York City!

40% of Europeans are mentally ill from the stresses of their lives.

Unless you are rich, life is pure hell in the west. Meanwhile, as Ron Paul says, Uncle Sam is bombing and then paying to rebuild infrastructure in other countries.

Anonymous said...

If the U.S. politicians would allow the military to do it's job they could beat the snot out of the Iranians in 24 hours. Mainly because most of Iran's weapons are fake, seriously an S-300 made of oil drums? Or what about the stealth F-5, but the only change was the v-tail. Seriously guys?

B.M.A. said...

be SERIOUS!-A REPLY TO ANON 5- SEP 5. 2011 8:

I WAS ABOUT TO BELIEVE YOUR VERSION OF THE MILITARY WEAKNESS OF IRAN BEFORE i stumbled a difficulty!you are saying in the event of an invention,THE US will definetely destroy every standing this way it means a regime change will come up as a result of the fall of the CLERICAL regime,and this is what everybody knows the world over.SO WHY DO YOU CONFUSE AS AGAIN BY SAYING "The US and Nato WILL be doing the regime a great favour by attacking it because that will keep the Regime for another twenty years like the Iraq Iran war had done!SIR !WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU SAYING ?.

Anonymous said...

Thanks B.M.A. for pointing that out..That guy's a troll.He's been featuring here lately and his hatred for Iran, disguised as hatred for the "Mullahs" clouds his judgment on almost everything and anything regarding Iran.

He's the kinda guy whose idea of bringing "freedom" to Iranians involves calling for NATO to bomb Iran to bring about regime change but then in the process saving the "Mullahs" as well because according to his logic, the regime needs war to survive another 20 years..No kidding!!! The irony..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27 AM

That guy you refer to as a Troll is an Iranian who served his country who knows the realities of the country and lives in his country namely Iran.
Unlike you most probably living in the West and relying on a foreigners misinformed comments to back you up.
You most definitely have a deficiency in the reality of what is really happening in Iran.
As I mentioned to you on numerous times my love for Iran reflects my dislike towards your love the mullahs but your head is so deep into the sand that you are unable to be aware of this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27 AM....Anon 8:03 AM meant that if the US attacks Iran it will give the regime an excuse to clamp down hard on anti regime activities.
Why don't you read between the lines
and for once get your grey mass working!

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,

First, i dont know why, but some Iranians can't wait for an attack on Iran that will kill tousands of Iranians, maybe also someone from there family, but I don't hope this, pleas don't understand this in a wrong way. I for myself also don't like the akho0nds, but i rather prefer them than an Iranian or afghani model. And sorry, but I think they want the war only because they can not now travel to iran and this is really shameful.

You all have seen what happens to Iraq Afghanistan and now lybia, and you still stand in front of UN for invasion against Iran. Be sure your Iranian brothers are not happy about this things. Pleas think twice and also from all sides. And forget such sh... that freedom's have to he written by blood. This is stupid! And also dont forget my older brothers here that some of u was on the streets 33 years ago to clean up the sushi regime and gave us this akho0nds.... Learn from history and don't start such sh... again...It will only get skewed....look at the monkey rebelles in lybia.

Sorry mr. Uskowi for the last sentence but I have seen something that this word monkey is really toolkit less for them. I respect your policies fully.
If you want to see it by yourself:

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:38

Sorry but York comments makes no sense. I will tell you why on fact basis.

1. If the U.S. politicians would allow the military to do it's job they could beat the snot out of the Iranians in 24 hours... Sorry but this is impossible, open your eyes and look over to lybia

2. relying on a foreigners misinformed comments to back you up. You most definitely have a deficiency in the reality of what is really happening in Iran....sorry again, but u will tell us that u that tells us to live in Iran and be good informed about the Iranian military? Have u build some of this fake weapons? If so the regime will never allowed u to have a internet connection and if so u will be in jail now or death. Come on man...

Now my own opinion... U don't live in Iran and u the only military status that u have reached was " khetmat sarbazi" dadash... I am really angry about your comments, and u loose all your credibility with the sentences 24 hours....

But, personally u are maybe a good guy...

Anonymous said...

Anon September 6 2:47 PM

No dadash I served 8 years and I wasn't a sarbaz 0

Yes dadash I do live in Iran but outside for business hence the NET.

Dadash I really don't care if you or anybody else is angry with my comments OK.

And dadash what sort of credibility
do you have here ?

So convince yourself dadash that Iran can defeat America.

But despite all this dadash you may be a good guy as well.

Anonymous said...

agree that 24 hours is unlikely to be sufficient unless the US employs all of it's military might.

4 days of bombing to reduce iran's defenses to rubble and a couple of additional days to finish disabling the entire power and most of the communications infrastructure is more likely.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 PM

You don't know what your talking about why you babbling on about the Shah and the Akhoonds?

The Akhoonds need to be badly kicked out so that Iran can be saved whom soever says likewise is a traitor to the Iranian people.
That is regime propaganda when they say that if Iranian people do revolution Iran would become unstable and break up that will never happen because the Iranian people say it so.
Regime puts their agents around cities in Iran and they spread rumours about all sorts of things.
So what do want us to do wait for ever until we die to see if the Akhoonds want to give us a little freedom?
Freedom is not given but must be taken away from oppression just like a bird from a cage and sometimes that will unfortunately involve loss of blood just like American revolution.
So those people who think that Iran will be free with green balloons are horribly wrong and need reality cheque.

Anonymous said...


Do you sincerely think American love Iranian people and their quest for democracy?

What is an average view of an American about NE people and Islam. Right or wrong and whether it is due to propagenda etc, it is my understanding is that the view is negative.

Hence what value US sees in supporting democracy in Iran. The answer is nothing.

US needs a perceived enemy like Iran to function in the ME. Thanks to Iran, US companies are doing brisk business in ME, arming sheiks to teeth and building defensive infra-structure for them. Iranian regime is doing a good job helping Americans to dig deeper in ME.

I don't see any perceived benefits for US to get rid of the regime in Tehran. What value does it have and what perceived benefits it provides in long term?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:09 AM

Your right the American establishment has self interest at mind and they are milking Saudi and Persian gulf states dry with arms selling.I would say the Americans perceived enemy is China not Iran in fact Iran could be a natural ally of America with huge benefits for both parties.Iranian culture pervades throughout central Asia so culturally speaking Iran is a superpower yet China is more of a weakling.

However it is Iranian peoples right to throw out the Theocracy out of power despite what the Americans say or do.Only the Iranian people have the power to change and redirect their countries future the Americans will just have to except it that a new Iran will be born soon !

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:09

---" What is an average view of an American about NE people and Islam. Right or wrong and whether it is due to propagenda etc, it is my understanding is that the view is negative.

Hence what value US sees in supporting democracy in Iran. The answer is nothing." ---

your understanding is incomplete. Americans don't worry about Islam. they worry about interpretations of Islam that seek to forcibly impose Islam and suppress allowing people to freely choose their own religious beliefs.

America would be quite comfortable with a more democratic iran that was Islamic but not demanding religious conformity, persecuting religious minorities (Sunni, Bahai) and not looking to export the theological vision by subverting other nations.


Anon 7:28 AM

"Your right the American establishment has self interest at mind and they are milking Saudi and Persian gulf states dry with arms selling."

the Saudis and the others want to buy those weapons because of Iran's actions against them.
and they surely aren't going to be "milked dry" before iran will be. The Arab states simply don't have anywhere near as many people to feed as Iran. It's the Iranian people who have a much lower standard of living, while Iran's government turns the nation's resources over to the IRGC and sends money and arms to Syria and Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 7 2:49 PM

I think you misunderstood me by saying "milked dry".
Of course Saudi and Persian gulf states have much smaller populations and their standard of living is much higher and regime has given our oil industry to the IRGC and giving our wealth to Lebanon and god knows where.
There is no doubt about that Saudi has much more oil than Iran and it's better run than Iran and Iran will be broke before Saudi.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see proof of some of there supposed sophisticated weapons [platforms. The ground troops are using old FAL rifles get real Iran has no significant modern weaponry

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58 PM

The regime is full of horseshit.