Saturday, September 10, 2011

Iran Oil Revenue Hits Record High

Iran’s oil export revenues hit $56 billion in the first seven months of 2011, a spectacular 37% increase over the same period last year. At this rate, the country’s oil revenues for 2011 will reach a record $100 billion. The previous record of $88 billion was reached in 2008.


Anonymous said...

My friends in Iran's petro industry tell me that they still import much gasoline and diesel fuel, why is this?

Thanks for any help, Raja

B.M.A. said...

I BEG TO DIFFER-in reply to anon -1


Anonymous said...

Anon @9:48 AM

...And your friends are barefaced liars. If you have any evidence please provide a link or links to. Otherwise, how do we know if your so-called friends in the Iranian oil industries even exist or if they are a figment of your imagination created as usual to denigrate any postive initiative in self sufficiency taken by the Iranian government.

B.M.A. said...


I think you will agree that nesecity is the mother of invention.And many times in history have we seen Nations rising from humble begginings to become power houses.If we may take CHINA and JAPAN as our example and trace their road back to where they came from,we shall come up with many factors to explain their succes story ,BUT ONE ASPECT STANDS AS THE MOST OUTSTANDING AND THE PILLAR OF THEIR breakthrough,and what is this ?-relying on indegiounus and domestic expertise and talent.I BELEIVE IRAN IS HEADING INTO THAT DIRECTION and i will tell you how

THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCE--the sanctions in South African placed by the UN on the then apartheid regime taught the world many things.and one of the lessons is that the world economic set up is very vulerable!.and that some Nations can not be sanction for too long.when the UN passed the sanctions , this meant the world economy was ready to go on withhout the South Africa gold silver diamonds cobalt and namme a matter of fact the world ecoomy ccould not afford to move on without THE SOUTH AFRICAN what happened? many NATIONS INCLUDING THE MOST POWERFULL NATIONS led the others in cutting deals with the pariah Nation away from the limelight.

as we all hear the noise being made about the sanction in Iran .one thing must come to everyone mind amd this is the fact that THE WORLD ECONOMY CAN NEVER afford to ignore IRAN.NOW WHAT IAM SAYING IS IF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC CAN AFFORD TO RECORD HIGH REVENUE IN OIL, ON THE FACE ON THOSE BITTING SANCTIONS THEN i urge the government there to let every easy going foreign firm to close shop and let the IRANIAN academic ELITES fill the void.THE SANCTIONS ARE THE BEST ROUTE FOR IRAN TO MAKE A HEADWAY TO PROSPERITY USING ITS OWN EXPERTISE AND TALENT.otherwise how can the global economy ignore the world's second oil and gas reserves?.

Anonymous said...

Well this news goes around every few months. However, where is this money is going? I tell you where! Rather than investing this high earns in infra-structure or improve the standards of Iranian produe, they fill the consumer shops with imported Chinese and Turkish junks to give the impression that sanctions have not worked. They also prefer to waste this additional income on useless conferences/competitions on hamas or religious related matters that have no value!

Scythian said...

Simple. Iran lacks sufficient domestic refining capacity so it had to rely on gasoline imports to meet about 40 percent of domestic

Anonymous said...

Even if Iran sells oil for $300 a barrel it will not benefit the Iranian people but instead the theocratic leadership and their cronies the IRGC and of course their Lebanese Syrian proxies such is the sad truth.

Oil is our blood and our blood is given away for nothing for the benefit of the theocracies lunatic Islamic ideology.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Raja

China returns a bit over 25% of its imported oil from Iran, back into Iran as gasoline and diesel fuel.

This is done under a barter agreement, to help Iran until they have enough rifining capacity to carry their domestic consumption of fuels. Iran still needs several more years to modernize their refineries.

China has taken advantage of Iran in this deal, but Irans leadership must pay the high price to keep the population happy (they will not riot).

Hope this helps???


Anonymous said...

Hello Raja

This so called revolution set Iran back economically by 40 years.
That means Iran was building a petrochemical plant with the help of Japan in the late 1970s and it would have been the biggest in the world but certain parties in the West saw fit to help Mr Khomeini attain power by the coup of 1979 hence by bringing into power the most barbaric fascist theocracy in history since the inquisition in the Dark ages.

Anonymous said...

"This so called revolution set Iran back economically by 40 years."

So if there haven't been a revolution Iran's economy would've been 40 years ahead?? According to what/who and by what calculation???

Is it a case of looking into your crystal ball and coming out with the first thing that comes to mind?

What else? If there hadn't been a revolution, Iran would've been a hunkey dorey first class country with no poverty, crime and the first man to the moon would've probably been Iranian too? And we'll all live happily ever after and sing Kumbaya with out arms wrapped around a tree, right??

Yeah, why not?? Iran would've been a lot of things...It's always easy to pontificate and be right in hind sight.

Maybe if the Shah hadn't been installed by the West and acted as their stooge with impunity blatantly in the eyes of all Iranians, maybe (just maybe) there wouldn't have been a revolution.

Anonymous said...

"This so called revolution set Iran back economically by 40 years."

Yes it did. It did it culturally. This wretched regime has brainwashed kids into believing that there is no other way except Islam. At school, in the streets and practically everywhere else you feel that (and yes I was in Iran just a month ago).

What it has managed to do is to delegate half Iran population (women) to second class citizens. It has tried hard to blame every malady on foreign powers and middle classes. The salvation seems to be Islam. Since it cannot offer anything of value compared to West, it supports death and shahadat as the salvation to Iranian people.

Thanks to this wretched regime Iran is bundled together with the rest of Islamic world as terrorist nations. What an averaged Iranian has in common with some backward Muslim nation from Africa! The answer is nothing. Iran gifts this world with bright scientists that flee from their homeland for reasons that we all know. On the other hand there are those that provide 9/11 terrorists, pirates, credit card fraudsters and extremists!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08 AM

You don't know what your talking about.

Iran is economically 40 years behind and politically 150 years behind because of your Akhoonds.

The petrochemical complex was nearly complete until the West decided to install the theocracy in power and do their biding for Britain and the US and keep Iran backward.

Just reading your comments makes me wonder if you work for the Islamic propaganda ministry it's laughable and at the same time sad to see what these idiots have done to Iran it's military economy and banking.

By now Iran would have been a first rate country in the economic banking and military fields if it wasn't because of a few short sighted people that helped the Akhoonds attain power.Yes Iran could have been a democracy maybe not a perfect one and have some problems like any other democratic country just through simple reform not a destructive and backward "revolution" that has given power to a bunch of backward barbarians and their thugs.

Akhoond Khomeini was installed by Jimmy Carter and Britain so that the Mullahs can rape the country and send it back by 1400 years that's the facts live with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36 PM

be more careful about calling people liars.

Iran was importing gasoline for about 40% of its consumption until the last round of sanctions made that more difficult.

Sources included Venezuela as well as China

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08 PM....The only stooges are the mullahs.Little do you know they done a fantastic job for the British and the anti Iranian establishment in America.
So you keep on dreaming thinking that was a revolution we had in Iran.
The only revolution that goes backwards to fourteen hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

"Akhoond Khomeini was installed by Jimmy Carter and Britain so that the Mullahs can rape the country and send it back by 1400 years that's the facts live with it."

Dude!! Please pass me whatever you're smoking...Imam Khomeini was installed by Jimmy Carter and the British??? That's a fresh one outta the box with all the bubble wraps. Who knew?

What next? The Chinese killed Elvis Presley and Kennedy was assassinated by Nigerian intelligence, right? And Imam Khomeini sent the country back 1400 years? How so? You should get an award for good imaginative writing with those bombastic words. Is it because women don't walk on the streets virtually naked in Iran like they do in the civilized West??

Boy, you sure have a things with figures..Seriously dude, which crystal ball are you reading?

"Iran is economically 40 years behind and politically 150 years behind because of your Akhoonds.

Why don't you make it 6000 years?You beat even the best hasbara tool out there..

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08 am

"So if there haven't been a revolution Iran's economy would've been 40 years ahead"??

It would have been a damn sight ahead compared to today's fiasco!!!
The social political and economic state of Iran is in a bankrupt state run by a corrupt and roofless fascist theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36 PM

That's right your "imam" was installed by the USA and Britain by neutralizing the Imperial armed forces by telling them they wont be supported if they tried to save the country from your rabble.

Anybody who knows anything about Iran's recent history knows that Carter hated the Shah and the British despised a modern thinking Iran and every intelligent Iranian knows that if you lift a beard of a mullah it will say Made in Great Britain!

The mullahs and Britain go back nearly 400 years since the time of the safavids in the 1600s AD.
They knew by controlling Iran they need to control and own the greedy ignorant Akhoonds and so far it has work for them.

I suggest you should go and read some good books regarding Iran and it's recent history before accusing me of taking illegal substances!

B.M.A said...

LIES AND INNUENDO-in reply to anon-sep 11=10;35pm

'ISLAMIC THEOCRACY' INSTALLED BY BRITAIN!!----you have news to tell us!,SO THE UK WAS BEHIND THE UIVERSITY STUDENTS HIJACK OF THE US EMBASSY!,and Britain helping the 'regime'to aquire third gen nuclear war head!,OH NO! M-16 OPERATIVES HELPED IRAN QUASH THE PEOTESTS!.
my friend you are a good cook of fantacies,and innuendo YOU DESERVE A MEDAL!!

Anonymous said...


When you don't know what your talking about don't comment !

I will educate you!

Khomeini was used by Britain and idiot Peanut farmer Carter to destroy Iran at the same time Khomeini used Britain and US to help to destroy Iran!
They used each other for their own twisted purposes to destroy Iran and the Iranian people were lead up the garden path believing everything will be wonderful the result we see now Iran in ruins and run by religious nuts and maniacs!!

As for the so called students they conducted that stunt so that to prevent the moderates in the new regime from having a normal relation with America.
Mr Khomeini wanted tension between Iran and US so that his regime can conduct crisis management and eliminate the opposition against him.But fortunately for his regime the Americans asked Saddam to attack Iran and Mullah Khomeini secretly thanked god for that stunt.

NOTE:Just before the coup of 1979 that overthrew the Shah the Americans asked the Shah if he could invade Iraq but Shah said "NO we don't want war with our neighbours".

So B.M.A this is the unfortunate history of our country a country of 2560 years of written history boils down to this a country run by a bunch of decrepit old religious maniacs with a grudge against old Iranian history and culture.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the news from Iran?

$12 BILLION has gone missing from oil sales!

I wonder which bank account it's ended up in ?

This regime is rotten to the core.