Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iran Pushes Construction of Railroad to Central Asia

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Tehran that the construction of a railroad linking Iran to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan is a “vital project” and urged Turkmen and Kazakh presidents to push for its speedy implementation. In 2007, the three countries signed an agreement to construct the 920-kilometer railway, although the work has not yet begun.

When constructed, the railroad will connect Iran to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and on to Russia and China, and eventually serving as a transportation link between China and Europe.


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and build the railway so that we can deport all the mullahs out of Iran !

Anonymous said...

Another example of how the new Iranian builds things and is self sufficient, unlike the Iranians of the Shah's days who were kolfats of the West.

Anonymous said...

"Another example of how the new Iranian builds things and is self sufficient,unlike the Iranians of the Shah's days who were kolfats of the West."

Remember that it was Reza Shah and the Western trained kolfats that built the railways entirely with local capital unlike this corrupt fascist regime with all the oil when they incompetently tried to build a line between Isfahan and Shiraz and made a hash out of it and had to call for the Chinese to help clear up the mess that they had caused.(So much for self sufficiency)!
And remember if it wasn't for Reza Shah and his kolfats Iran would have been another Afghanistan or possibly divided up into four different countries.
Therefor there wouldn't be a new Iranian to build anything today if it wasn't for Reza Shah and his kolfats even the mullahs know that!

Those kolfats were better educated and trained compared to the rabble that is running the regime today.
It was the kolfats in the IIAF that saved the regimes asses from Saddam when he attacked Iran.
It was the kolfats trained in the West that built the Iranian arms industry from the early 1970s.
It was the kolfats in the Iranian oil industry that was second to none that made Iran the great country that it was and would have been a up and coming economic power if it wasn't because of the great disaster that was to follow.

Yes indeed one must be proud to be called a kolfat for Iran!

Anonymous said...

anon, 10:25 AM..Can't you write a single sentence without having the words 'mullah', 'theocracy','Islamic' in it?? I bet you can't even define them.

Give it a rest,will ya..Your propaganda's not washing.You've been trolling here for quite some time now with your negative remarks about anything regarding Iran.

First it was about BBC and Jimmy Carter bringing in the "mullahs" to Iran and then it was about you in the army fighting for eight years against Saddam..Your lies know no boundaries.

The topic for discussion is about Iran pushing for a Central Asia railroad system.I say it's good thing that will help bring about good relations with regional countries and also economic growth.What's that got to do with deporting all 'mullahs' from Iran? As if that's even realistic. From your postings, you come across more as a junior high school kid..Grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45 PM

If it wasn't for people like me who served their country and nearly had their asses blown little keyboard warriors like you wouldn't be living in the comfort of the West with the Islamist fascist regime stealing raping and killing innocent people.
Therefor I and fellow solders blame ourselves for allowing this to happen to Iran and soon must rectify it if necessary.

Yes that's right deporting mullahs from Iran and why not they can all go to AL-IRAQ or Lebanon which ever is easiest for us after all we are humane not like coward regime.

AS for good relations they should of thought of that when they took power 33 years ago.
Their heads are deep in sand and their asses stuck towards the sky and yet they don't seem to understand that Iran needs good relation with the USA for the country to get anywhere but unfortunately people like you and the fascist regime can't grasp this simple logic.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10:07 PM..You're just boring..So much ranting with so little sense..

You claim to have served in the army during the 8 year war..Which division and where were you posted??? Like I said earlier on, your lies know no boundaries. You must get an award for best imaginative and comical writer and masters in internet trolling.

Please don't take readers of this blog for fools. We can tell BS Hasbara from facts..So far, most of your comments are just plain nonsense with absolutely no value whatsoever.Throwing silly words around only exposes your ignorance stupidity.

For a good Friday laugh, could you please tell us a bit more on your story about how Jimmy Carter and the British installed your much hated "mullas"??? You get 500 points for that too.. ;^)

Anonymous said...

mr troll maybe u need to be enlightened on the meaning of facism since your a supporter of the
shah and USA's foreign policey and your ideas are quiet typical of a section of iranians living in the west who are ultra nationalist and have this persian superiority complex

your bs about "mullahs" faliure is something that can be emprically be proven wrong if anybody does a basic study of iranian economy since the 1980s

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03PM and I:41 PM

If I'm so boring smarty pants why do you take the time to comment me with your usual nonsense?
Anyway what do you take me for to reveal what division I served under. You think I was born yesterday so that a little keyboard warrior can pass information over to the enemy.

If my words are so silly and ignorant why are you busting your gut out and trolling against me with your usual propaganda rubbish.

You have been exposed badly and it shows in your desperate constant gibberish on the other threads but you are constantly taking a hammering from me and other bloggers because your entire beliefs rests on falsehoods and propaganda of the bankrupt Islamist regime.

Yes I am ultra nationalist because I served for my country and love Iran beyond what you would ever understand with your idols in Tehran with their anti Iranian Islamist beliefs.You obviously support the anti Iranian colonial Islamist agenda.

As for the economy seen the value of the Iranian currency lately? What does that tell you about the economy it means that the express wishes of Mullah Khomeini have become true and the economy is being run by donkeys.