Monday, June 27, 2011

IRGC Conducts Missile Exercise

Iran's IRGC began a 10-day missile training exercise today. The IRGC’s missile force commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh told reporters that the annual exercise in the Persian Gulf region were meant to strengthen the defense capabilities of the country. We will cover the IRGC exercise as we receive the reports in the coming days.


Gifted one said...

looking forward to the pics, and, hopefully, video, and analysis. this site is the best for such updates, thanks to you and mark for all your effort.

Anonymous said...

good advice for iran airforce do not let yout anemies destoryed you from sky keep your air defence asset under ground or in the bunker because they do not come down to fight with you they stay away as possible as they can to avoid your air defence so do not let your plane sitting on turmack for duck hunting ready for long war and do not use air plane for dogfight keep your plane for soft target where you air fighter are 100% safely return and that way you can stay in war keep every things under ground or in tunnel

Anonymous said...

with respect, from what planet are you reporting? Every thing is on youtube, press tv, and so on! no wonder Iran is so back ward! people like you "Mr. Uskowi" are the core of Iranian people and no matter where they reside, they are all behind times by 100 years. It is the oil income that have given Iran ability to continue with its backwardness. MR Uskowi do not give up your day job, because you are not a good reporter.