Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iran Conducting Covert Tests of Ballistic Missiles - British Foreign Secretary

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague today told the House of Commons that Iran has recently conducted covert tests of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads [AP, 29 June]. Hague did not disclose any details and did not say how the British government obtained the information, which could not be independently verified. Iran denies that it intends to build nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.


Anonymous said...

This Hague clown is the new Baghdad Bob of Whitehall or bucking for DEBKA consultantcy.

These Brits are now indeed pathetic as their "military might" in Libya is on ample display as Gaddafi gives them the daily finger from the sunroof of his Landcruiser.

This in nothing but more DEBKA type Iranophobic paranoia peddling as Britain gets marginalized in global affairs and an impending economic collapse at home. It is time these clowns get the message that the Iranian "missile" and "nuclear train" left the station decade ago.

Anonymous said...

UK is getting more desperate by the day about Iran.

I Love it.

its an indication of Iran moving in the right direction.. (generaly speaking)

And some of you people ..stop thinking it to be the end of the world when some ex or new superpower is displeased with Iran.

wher the hell is your Iranian soul !

Mark Pyruz said...

It makes sense for Iran to conduct more SSM tests than they publicize.

In particular, the Sedjil MRBM requires additional testing for it to be a reliable missile system.

As for the UK's nuclear claim, do they have evidence of a warhead larger than the current triconic type, big enough to potentially carry a nuclear device, being built and tested?

And what about the 2007 (and 2011) NIE that essentially states Iran does not currently possess a nuclear weapons program?

Anonymous said...

Even if they had evidence (which they dont).. Iran should simply turn to them.... grab its ba...s and blow a kiss....then turn its back and move on.

The UK opinion is just as important as those who consider them as important.