Saturday, June 18, 2011

Iran's defense minister invited to Afghanistan

From IRNA:

Minister of Defense and Logistics of Armed Forces will pay a visit to Afghanistan upon an invitation of his Afghan counterpart.

Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, upon an official invitation of Field Marshal Abdulrahim Vardak, Afghanistan Defense Minister, will pay a visit to Kabul heading a high ranking defense delegation next week.

General Vahidi is to meet with Afghanistan high ranking political and defense officials and discuss bilateral, regional and international issues.

It will be the first ever visit of an Iranian defense minister to Afghanistan after the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran.

Also it would be the first ever visit of an Iranian defense minister to Afghanistan since 92 years ago.

Quite amazing if this is actually pulled off. IRGC Brigadier General Vahidi has been on an Interpol "red notice" since November 2007 over a highly curious investigation into a bombing attack that took place in Argentina in 1994. That this trip could possibly take place to Afghanistan while under a NATO military occupation would prove nothing short of remarkable.


Anonymous said...

He will go to Afghanistan and NATO can't do a damn thing.

Even NATO themselves know who pulls the real strings in Afghanistan. Iran has strong ties with the Northern Alliance long before NATO got involved in Afghanistan so do the maths.

NATO's survival in Afghanistan depends much on Iran and Pakistan. At the moment, Iran's put them on a "steady diet" in Afghanistan to keep them busy.

Do people really believe at the end of the day, NATO will "win" in Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

He is already arrived in Afghanistan. I just watched him being greeted by his Afghan counterpart at Kabul airport on Press-Tv.