Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iran Sends Submarines to Red Sea

The semi-official Fars News Agency reported today that Iran has sent submarines to the Red Sea in the first such deployment by the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) in distant waters.

The report quoted an unnamed senior government official as saying the submarines accompanied Iranian warships on an anti-piracy route in the Gulf of Aden before they moved into the Red Sea earlier this month.

“The submarines, dispatched in Ordibehesht (last month), have entered the Red Sea after a mission in the Gulf of Aden to collect data on the sea bed in the high seas and to identify other warships,” Fars quoted the unnamed source. “They are accompanying an Iranian navy fleet,” [Fars News Agency, 7 June].

No other details on the number or capabilities of the submarines were available. IRIN has several types of submarines, including the 500-ton Nahang as well as older Kilo-class older Russian subs. Last year, Iran inaugurated of a new “semi-heavy” submarine, named Qaem, capable of operating in the high seas. IRIN also operates midget submarines of 120-ton Ghadir class.


Anonymous said...

The question is -who will be the one to sink them saudis or israel , and how fast will it happen. You wont know it happened -till they don't return! LOLOL

Bahram said...

The only question I have is how stupid someone would have to be to post what is posted above. did either Saudi Arabia or Israel sink any of the Iranian Navy vessels Iran sent through the suez canal?Even at that time we had retarded posters here posting similar garbage.

ProudPersian said...

Agreed with you, Bahram. What's even more stupider is that this moronic Anonymous included Saudis in his statement. This gave me a chuckle, considering the fact the Saudi navy is a joke. Not only they lack anti-submarine capabilities, but they don't even operate submarines and these submarines are the only vessels that are better equipped to hunt down other submarines. The vessels that operate on the surface don't come close to the submarines' anti-submarine capabilities.

Scythian said...

Perhaps this Anonymous has forgotten about the Cheonan incident. Keep in mind that the Cheonan was a modern warship equipped with the state-of-the-art weaponry and sonar. Yet, it failed to detect the North Korean submarine which sunk the Cheonan and this submarine is much older and vastly outdated compared to Iran's submarine fleet.