Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran revolution marked amid pressure on nuke evolution

A Russia Today report on the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's nuclear comments and the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.


Anonymous said...

This guy Marandi is a government stooge who is acting as the Mouth of Sauron for the regime. His dad is also in the government.

Contrary to what he says many thousands of pro-democracy protesters turned out in Tehran and other cities despite brutal suppression.

The leaders of the opposition were not left out of the beatings and arrests, as described by this BBC news item:

Anonymous said...

you cant keep calling people names , just because they speak against your opinion.

Pahlavi receives 85,000 $ per month from the CIA budget to pay the sallary of his "Dabir-Khane", that makes some one a "Mozdoor" but one keeps the opinion to oneself.

The MKO received training and Money from Iraq and the CIA for decades, what do you think that makes them...

I think it is better to be as you call him "Stooge" of his own country than that of a foeign force.

get a life dude..and stop insulting our intelligence

Anonymous said...

and by the way.... BBC Persian is officially promoted and established by the MI6.

What they say, is anti-patriotic, despite of the first impression.

they play with the feelings of youth and throw words like freedom and democracy around as though it is their monopoly...yet they kill,steal and rape in the name of it..

once again, get a life dude and stop boring us with your negative propaganda

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:47 and 3:51 AM

A ‘stooge’ is someone who carries out immoral acts on behalf of someone else. Marandi is a stooge of the regime, because he lies on their behalf, and defends any kind of bestial activity on their behalf (like execution of political prisoners).

A stooge is a stooge, whether foreign or domestic and their word is not to be trusted. Hence my comments about Marandi who came out with the mendacious claim that only “hundreds” of protesters had turned out.

As for the sources of news about assault on the opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, I don’t want to get into who controls the BBC, but it was that published the interview with Karroubi’s son Hossein. German Radio also published it. I put the BBC link so that the English-speaking readers of this site could read it. If you are fluent in Persian, you can check out the below links from Karroubi’s National Trust Party:

Attack on Karroubi:

Arresting Karroubi’s son, Ali:

Plus, here is a video of the attack on YouTube:

And, if you are bored with what I write, don't read it! Simple!

Mouth of Sauron said...

As more visual evidence of the pro-democracy protests trickle through Iran's cyber-barrier, the outside world can see the lie of the regime spokesman Marandi's claims of "hundreds" of protesters:

Marandi also claims that those “few hundreds” were kept away by the police “for their own protection!” To see how the regime forces protected dissidents, take a look at this:

Anonymous said...

by the way, to be a stooge or not to be a stooge ??

100 time a stooge of ones country ,than a stooge of some foreign powers outlet.

what he is supposed to be doing (as you say) are doing with every word you relay from the BBC

get a life

Anonymous said...

Last anon,

You are obviously too illiterate to read or understand my posts properly and too rude to reach for infantile quips without thinking.

You may be past learning manners, but there may be night schools near you that could teach you reading. Use them!

Anonymous said...

take it easy my f-e-r-e-n-d ;)

people like you raise hope by the Neo-cons of the possibility of a military adventure directed at Iran.

The likes of you "Sir" not only selective in your political litrature, also selective in your heritage, when you see fit.

Whatever the case, You can not serve 2 masters, you are either a servant of Iran regardless of who runs it, or you are a servant of its enemies always wanting to twist it(Iran) to their benifit.

You are called by the (UK & US)people... "Iranian assets", should you not know..

I can only repeat myself... Go Get a life and be a good Iranian and stand by your counztry in times of threat... politics can be dealt with when the threat is quashed.

Security-Online said...

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