Monday, February 1, 2010

Slain Hamas Commander Linked to Iran

Israeli officials said Sunday that the Hamas commander assassinated in a posh Dubai hotel on 20 January played a central role in shipping weapons from Iran to Gaza. Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, the commander, was reportedly in Dubai en route to Tehran when he was killed. Israel has accused Iran of becoming the main pipeline for arms to Hamas-controlled Gaza. Iran has denied involvement in arms shipments to Gaza.


b said...

Funny how no "weapons from Iran" ever turn up in Gaza. A year ago when Israel slaughtered 1400 people in Gaza with only 18 of their soldiers killed (some by friendly fire) where were those famous "weapon from Iran" in that?

None were used?

Or maybe non were there?

Anonymous said...

b, adding to that note, remember all those claims from debka file of Iranian weapons in Gaza? There were supposed to be stocks of ATGMs, ZelZal SRBMs, Misagh MANPADS, etc. etc.

Nowadays, every Hamas and Hezbollah operative identified by the Israelis (for purposes of dissemination in the Western press) is related to Iranian weapons.

These days, for Israel and the Western media, everything leads to the Iran threat. And actual truth? That's of little to no consequence. What is important is a run up to war or "crippling sanctions."

Abu Ikhwan said...

As usual, most western folks accept it without further questions or query. In 2006 when Isreal attack Hezbollah, they are complaining that Syria transfer Russian-made arsenal such as Kornet, Metis-M etc to Hezbollah. But the truth later found nothing but they complaint bears fruit when Russia put more pressure on Syria on that.

About Gazan.....its nounsense..Even to get food is difficult (from Egypt)....

Anonymous said...

I have news for everyone.
Israeli weapons used against Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians are connected to the USA, UK, Germany and France.

I can not prove it though.

Paul Iddon said...

I found your last comment rather amusing Anon

your sarcasm pretty much sums up the absurd accusations being made by the Israelis!

ffjbentson said...

Right...Hamas and Hezbollah are nothing but walking angels just trying to spread peace and love through homicide bombings, katusha rockets and messages of hate and distruction of the Jewish state...thank God for another blow to terrorism from the Massod and God bless those who seek freedom in Iran from tyrants.