Saturday, February 13, 2010

Iranian Ambassador states Iran will never bow to threats

Iranian Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Khazaee said today that Iran will never bow to unmerited threats from a few western countries.

Regardless of the opposition protests Khazaee states that the mass turnout to the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Republic proves the prevailing state of unity in the country.

“The presence of millions of Iranians in the rallies was a clear manifestation of political power across the international scene," he was quoted as stating.

He also stated that the western officials should not cling to the misguided and wide spread belief that the Iranian government is disliked and is being weakened by the opposition and that instead should open their eyes to see the much larger support in Iran for the states policies.

“The Islamic Republic has now become a powerful and strategic country, where people enjoy a strong sense of unity and solidarity,” said Khazaee. “It is a fact that Western powers must learn to deal with.”

He also stated that millions of Iranians took to the street last Thursday to celebrate the overthrowing of the ruthless US-backed Pahlavi monarchy back in 1979.


Kemjika said...

ALl i can say here is : "!"

He's very correct. Even that word "MUllah " has been used so devilishly by the media to make Iran seem backwards, illiterate, arrogant and it was quite a succesful negative propaganda against Iran.

At the end of the day, literacy rates in iran has gotten very high, Oil production is actually UP in Iran too,Iran's military is relatively strong compared to its neighbors, Its influence has spread like wildfire in the ME and the only thing haters can do is whine and complain. People should assess situations more comprehensively instead of falling for incomplete stories and narratives.

Anonymous said...

They are actually 2-3 countries who make the impression of a "gang up" on Iran.
Almost all nations support Irans standing up to the 3. I am confident Iran will prevail at the end of the day.