Monday, February 15, 2010

Iran begins oil drilling in the Caspian Sea

Iran has begun drilling it's exploratory well in the Caspian Sea in the search for oil.

“The Amir-Kabir semi-submersible drilling rig has started exploration drillings in the Caspian Sea. It will drill the country's first exploratory well at a depth of 1,550 meters under the seabed."

North Drilling Company Managing Director Hedayatollah Khademi told the Mehr News Agency on Saturday.

Iran's explorations so far have led to the discover of 46 oil fields in the Caspian Sea.

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Anonymous said...

ralatively, iran has huge gas and oil reserved in caspian sea area as i am believed in area of north west somasara at least 60 to 80 bilion oil reserved as deep from 750 to 850 metter only one spot other area of reserved is the largest ever korgan area believe to have 190 bilion baral reserved that put iran reseved much larger than saudi arabia i believe the government is know the location of it.that has been finded in 1980 that why iran is start to dreal know.