Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Netanyahu assured Iran will not yet receive S-300's

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that he had received assurances from the Kremlin that Iran will not get the long anticipated S-300 portable missile defence systems in the near future, according to a report by the Israeli daily Haaretz.

"On this issue Russia is taking into consideration the needs for stability in the region," Netanyahu claimed after his meeting with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Iran has long stated they require these missiles to defend against Israeli or American missile strikes or aircraft sorties and upon the late delivery (the missiles were ordered in 2007) states future dealings with Moscow may have to be reconsidered if they don't live up to their contract.


Anonymous said...

when Russians are hungry and needy they eat their parents and some even their children.

In case they are once again building on promises of the west, then no wonder they lost the cold war.

Russians have no "Balls" by big games.

Iran must build their own, and I would be surprised should they have not started something underground.

Anonymous said...

It is always wise to be skeptical about the claims of Israeli officials. Their history is not exactly a shining example of truthfulness!

Nevertheless, Russians too have a dismal record of loyalty to their allies.

Just compare Washington's dog-like loyalty to the insignificant and almost barren Israel, with Moscow's support of its resource-rich Arab allies.

Maybe this flexibility is a strength of Russia's or maybe it is a flaw. Nevertheless, only a fool would rely on Moscow.

Another factor is that, following the rigged election, the Iranian protesters' cries of "death to Russia!" have been heard loud and clear in Moscow, and this too may have dampened Russia's enthusiasm for sullying itself by associating with an unpopular and irrational regime the way Washington did with Shah's and lived to regret rousing the wrath of Iranian people.

Kemjika said...

Well, Iran has already realized that Russia is just a friend of convenience because they always get exposed when you need them the most. IRan still maintains its military deterrence whether it has the s-300 or not, so Russia will not succesfully reduce iran's deterrence against attack really.

Anonymous said...

23 minutes ago:


Anonymous said...

Netanyahu’s version of events is almost certainly false or, more politely, “highly exaggerated.”
Nevertheless, the Russians do seem to be vacillating about the deliveries. Today, they say that “no date has been fixed” for the S-300 deliveries.


Even if they do honor their commitments and deliver the system, how much can they be trusted not to pass the crucial technical secrets of the S-300 to Israelis and the USA, thus enabling them to defeat it?

Anonymous said...

at this time you never ever trust russian ,russian has been finished in 1990 break down since try to get from iran side his political stability that why last month ahmadynajad give direct respond to russian in order to play wise move we do not want you try to mandate our policy or any other one what is our best make our chooce in respond to s300 iran build much higher quility then s300 start working on this project from 1997 and complated in 2005 is many featcher available plus longer distance of s300mpv2 which at this time 195 km capability that has been said in news for five years they have 10 battalian available at this time i believe usa will know that.