Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iranians Rally to Mark Anniversary of Revolution

Azadi Square Rally
Tehran. 11 February 2010. Mehr photo

Marking the 31st anniversary of the revolution, huge number of Iranians flocked to Azadi Square in central Tehran today. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered the keynote speech, which included his announcement that Iran has indeed produced a small batch of 20-percent enriched uranium.

There were also sporadic clashes between the security forces and opposition supporters on Thursday. Some opposition websites were reporting that the police fired shots in the air to disperse a group of Green movement supporters in central Tehran. Also there were reports that opposition leaders Mohammad Khatami, the former president, and Mehdi Karrubi were attacked by Basij elements when they attended the rally.


Unknown said...

Internet very slow and sms shutdown. we can fight iranian censorship. There is a blog which lists numbers of Ministry of Communications that people can call if they are outside Iran to complain of the censorship. If enough people do this it can make difference. Please spread word.

Kull said...

I totally support the Islamic Republic of Iran in its fight to stave off the infiltration of zionist and CIA agents via the n-th "coloured revolution", whose paid shills and clueless puppets aim only to prostitute Teheran to the whims of the "White House negro" and its masters in Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing of what is happening inside Iran. Vaffanculo!