Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jundallah Chief Arrested

Abdolmalek Rigi
IRNA file photo

The Iranian intelligence agents arrested Abolmalek Rigi, the leader of Iranian Baluchistan’s militant group Jundallah, during a covert operation at an undisclosed location. It is believed that Iranian agents hijacked a plane carrying Rigi from Karachi to Dubai, forced the plane to land in Iran and then arrested Rigi.

Rigi was the master mind of several deadly bombings in Iranian Baluchistan and was believed to be operating out of the neighboring Pakistan. Jundallah (Soldiers of God) is comprised of Sunni militants who oppose the Islamic Republic and vie for an autonomous or independent Baluchistan.

The arrest of the Jundallah’s leader is a major blow to the organization that can cause its demise.


Anonymous said...

I say ...Hang him High

Mark Pyruz said...

Big news! Score for VEVAK and Minister of Interior Najjar.

For the Islamic Republic of Iran, this is the equivalent of the US capturing Osama bin Laden; maybe more, since Rigi's reportedly been supported by the United States and Mossad.

Details are spotty. PressTV is claiming Rigi was captured on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan and subsequently transfered to Iran.

Nader Uskowi said...

This is indeed a very big news, could be the end of Jundallah as an effective organization.

The planes going from Pakistan to Dubai fly over Iranian airspace. The Iranian agents appears to have forced the airplane to land in one of the Iranian airports when the plane was over the Iranian airspace.

Kemjika said...

what a win for the islamic republic. US intelligence has been exposed and implicated in this dirty "support-the-terrorist" game that western citizens think their govts dont participate in,. If you live in the US, please watch the news tonight and see if this story is discussed, and to what level of detail...i suspect it won't be comprehensive enough because it exposes the CIA's role in ANOTHER nasty, out of control sunni extremist group in the ME/SE asia.Both Rigi brothers are cooked goose for sure.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the Ocallan (PKK) capture by the Turks

As long as money flows to them (the terror groups), then they will keep planting bombs and stuff.

The fact that Western media don't call him "terrorist" but "resistance leader" is evident that they plan to further support them.

Anonymous said...

There have been many contradictory accounts of Rigi's capture. However, the most plausible one is the one by Iran's Interior Minister Brigadier General Najjar (himself a senior IRGC commander), who said that Rigi was arrested in another country and then brought to Iran.

This explains very nicely the Falcon jet in which he is said to have been travelling. Iran itself has a number of these aircraft in service as do a number of neighboring states (including Pakistan).

The jet's interior is quite old and from 1970s. So, it is unlikely to be from the Persian Gulf Arab states who use much more up-to-date VIP aircraft.

It seems most likely that at last Pakistan decided to act on Iran's repeated demands for the extradition of Rigi and handed him over.

The rest are theatricals and hyperbole typical of the Tehran regime.

Anonymous said...

Just after I posted my above comment about Rigi having been extradited from Pakistan, news started arriving via Al Jazeera that Rigi was in fact detained a week ago in Pakistan and then handed over to Iran:


Interior Minister Najjar had said a similar thing (without naming Pakistan). So, it is not clear why the intelligence minister gave a contradicting - albeit much more dramatic - account of the affair!

As for VEVAK - or whoever is clad in those black attires - their involvement was probably nothing more than a few souvenir shots.

If anything, this is more of a diplomatic victory for Iran than the special ops scenario spun by the Intelligence Minister Moslehi.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see the Rajavi pair caught and tried, they have more blood on their hands.Remember their collaboration with Irans enemies during the war ??

Anonymous said...

Image 4 is not of Rigi. It is described by Iranian news agencies as a UAE visa document related to a person named Hamzah an alleged deputy of Rigi's, who was arrested with him.