Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simorgh Rocket Unveiling / Kavoshgar-3 Launch

Iran hailed the successful rocket launch of the Kavoshgar-3 (کاوشگ۳) during its ongoing 10-Day Dawn (Daheh-ye Fajr) celebrations. The Kavoshgar-3 (Explorer) sounding rocket carried an experimental capsule with living organisms aboard, including a rat, turtles and worms. The capsule also provided empirical data back to a receiving station.

Also unveiled Wednesday was the new Simorgh satellite launch vehicle. The Simorgh is equipped to carry a 100-kilogramme (220-pound) satellite 500 kilometres (310 miles) into orbit, Iranian TV reported.

Aerospace News Video:

PressTV coverage for Iran's aerospace introduction and launch.

Kavoshgar 3 sounding rocket launch sending living organisms onboard into space.

Aerospace News Photos:

New Simorgh (سیمرغ) satellite launch vehicle on display

Cluster of four rocket engines

Navid, Tolou and Mesbah 2 telecommunication satellites

Indigenously manufactured rocket parts (1)

Indigenously manufactured rocket parts (2)

Upper stage (payload) display

Photos courtesy MEHR and IRNA News Agencies.


Alborz said...

great pictures
thx to uskowi

Anonymous said...

We are proud of this noble achievement by IRI. May Almighty Allah continue to protect, unite and bless the noble scientific achievement of the islamic republic for the benefit of all mankind.

Anonymous said...

wonderful news,well done Iran.

Anonymous said...

yes they (IRAN) can.

Kemjika said...

People must remember also that many of these recent scientific achievements of IRan have happened under Ahmadinejad's presidency. You have to give credit where it is due, and Ahmadinejad seems to understand that his country must achieve scientific prowess to beat the sanctions and opposition in the world.

Anonymous said...

Simorgh is just a mockup at this point, reduced scale. An experimental engine for it however has been built.

Anonymous said...

US and western countries do not fear iranian nuclear potential. what scares them is the new iran emerging as a regional power with domestic technological capabilities on which they do not have any control.the technologies iran managed to attain in nuclear and rocket industries are far greater than just making a bomb e.g producing heavy water, precise measurement devices, special alloys and materials to contain highly corrosive chemicals,high speed motors,solid fuels,rocket engines,laser enrichment.....
it could be releazied that iran scientific and technological programs have entered "regenerative" phase meaning that any new progress can be the base for others.
once developed technolgies utilized in commercial fields then the real power of iran can be known.