Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clinton: China to Back Iran Sanctions

Secretary of States Hillary Clinton said today in Washington that in recent days China has moved closer to US position on imposing further economic sanctions against Iran [AP, 24 February]. Clinton now expects China to back a new set of UN sanctions against Iran.

Clinton said the US has pursued an approach to Iran "that has exposed its refusal to live up to its responsibilities and helped us achieve a new unity with our international partners."

"Iran has left the international community little choice but to impose greater costs and pressure in the face of its provocative steps," Clinton said. "We are now working actively with our partners to prepare and implement new measures to pressure Iran to change its course."

Clinton also said that the US Congress might impose its own set of economic sanctions against Iran, tougher than the UN sanctions. But the US prefers UN sanctions, she said, for their powerful symbolism.

In a related story, Iran today formally filed its response to IAEA proposal made five months ago on enriched uranium swap arrangement. Iran’s response has set additional conditions for simultaneous swap inside the Iranian territory. The six major powers are expected to reject Iran’s conditions. Washington called Iran’s response as “red herring.”


Anonymous said...

its all wishful thinking, and propeganda.

like the Iran is the most hated country in the USA thing.

don't go there.

Anonymous said...

clinton is dispreat not able to make head way with iranian government as time goes by usa and iran getting far distance than ever it has seems iran prepeared it self far more better than usa they way clinton talking is term of distruction of usa is near than most expert anticipated for ecconomy and political reality ,how is this happend let look south amirica to put usa and canada out on traid and political level last 10 years ago eu did it now south amirica same day japan has intire islamic world to mee in tokiyo to has by litteral and ecconoy plus plus ,is this years the end of usa polical end ? i believe may be.

Abu Ikhwan said...

She should sanction monica first before sanction others...

Anonymous said...

where did you read this nonsense? if it was true you could be sure the MSM would be trumpeting across al the minirets!