Friday, February 19, 2010

IRIS Jamaran Launch

The IRIS Jamaran was formally launched today with a ceremony attended by senior IRI military commanders and Commander-in-Chief Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

The Mowdge Class vessel has a displacement of ~1,420 tons and is classified by Iran as a destroyer (US equivalent: frigate). It is reportedly capable of a top speed of 30 knots with a crew of ~120, and is equipped with a stern mounted helipad.

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IRIS Jamaran (Hull No. 76). Original design based on Alvand Class Vosper Mk V frigate, upgraded with rearranged weapon stations to accommodate helipad.

Helipad with IRIN Agusta AB-212ASW helicopter.

Bow mounted Fajr-27 (Oto-Melara type) 76 mm cannon.

Fath-40 cannon mounted on the stern, two (x2) Noor (C-802) AShM mounted midship and triple (x2) 12.75 torpedo tubes. Large radar is visible similar in appearance to an improved version of AWS-1 originally fitted to Alvand class.

External bridge detail: Above mounted fire control radar (for 76 mm gun) and one (x2) forward mounted GAM-BO1 type 20mm cannon.

Bridge console of the IRIS Jamaran.

Video: IRIS Jamaran Launch


Paul Iddon said...

not a bad looking ship!

Nader Uskowi said...

Actually looking much better than Alvand. This is a great achievement for Iran.

Anonymous said...

At around 1500 tons, this makes Jamaran a corvette. A destroyer is usally well over 5000 tons and even a frigate is often over 3000 tons.

So, why call it something that it is not?!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Iran's first home-built destroyer.

Anonymous said...

Why does the hull looks like it has been worked on with hammers? It is not smooth.

Also is the power plant made in Iran?