Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rigi Capture Operation: Photos & Video- Updated

Amended 2/24/09 @ 8:45am GMT
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Rigi in the custody of VEVAK commandos at an undisclosed air base in Iran. Aircraft appears to be an IRIAF Dassault Falcon (Mystere) 20E.

The wanted terrorist captured, on his way back to Iran.

Rigi's alleged US-supplied Afghanistan document.

Rigi's UAE travel visa document.

Photo of Rigi allegedly at a US military installation before capture.

Pakistan ID Rigi was carrying when captured.

Pakistan ID Rigi was carrying when captured (2)

Video of Rigi's arrest:


Anonymous said...

that show nice and clean job rigi is like osama ben laden level in iran cases ,,,, usa could not cut from 2001 until now and spend bilion of doller for it and still no raliable information exzist to osama, that will present how iranian intellegent effective in intire region the commander of irgc was right in five month ago we will not rest until to capture rigi and they have done it .

Anonymous said...

Never forget, this bastard cut the throats of Iranian borderguards (Vazife soldiers)
Such an Arab bestiality method at Irans borders should be enough to want to tear him up from limb to limb.

All done with Saudi money and Black Water (Ze) trainig.

Nader Uskowi said...


The photos apparently show Rigi was a passenger in a small corporate-type jet. Was this the jet the one flying over Iran airspace when it was forced to land, reportedly in Bandar Abbas?

In the picture, Rigi is wearing a sleeping blind on his forehead. Does this mean that he was sleeping when the plane landed in Badar Abbas and was cut by surprise when arrested, or could the Iran agents have used it to blindfold him after the arrest?

What is your source that Riggi was in a US base in Afghanistan? the photo reproduced here shows him outside a trailer. Why do you believe it was located on a US base?

The Iranians said he was in possession of an Afghan passport at the time of his arrest, as you have noted. But the document you have reproduced in your update is a Pakistani nation ID card, not an Afghan passport. Please check on this.

You have also reproduced a document issued by UAE, showing his nationality as Pakistani, I believe.

In any case, an amazing operation pulled off by Iran intelligence

Anonymous said...

For a change, the regime's security forces seem to have done something useful instead of the usual beating up of people in the streets and torturing dissidents to extract "confessions" out of them for televized show trials.

Ali said...

Nader, that coorporate jet is a Falcon 20 VIP jet operated by the IRIAF. I believe that this jet was used to transport Rigi from wherever he was intercepted and caught.

It wasn't the actual jet he was traveling in, as I believe it would have been a commerical jet.

Anonymous said...

The timing in relation to the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination and the common Dubai connection seems interesting.

Anonymous said...

at this mumment usa and uk intellegent are in shak level how could iran come so fast and complax intellegent to capture such man hunt this is the biggest of large opperation as ever cia or mi6 must learn the level of complaxity of this opperation before any other section ever to put on place againest iran .

abeera said...

Terrorists are not from any religion.... They should be hanged without waiting the next second...