Thursday, February 11, 2010

Video from Tehran

BBC video shows large pro-government crowds stationed near the podium, cheering during President Ahmadinejad's keynote speech. While in the second half of the video, large number of Green movement supporters are shown, away from the podium, chanting their own slogans, including a demand for a national referendum to settle the country's political impasse.


Anonymous said...

Referendum for what?

Acording to my Expereince with Iranian Plotical parties,
they wont accept any referendum or Election unless they win it.

Th bad loser are everywhere, just look to ukraine election.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of people were bused in from provinces. Here is a shot of some of the hundreds of buses that brought the 'spontaneous' pro-government people to Tehran to be paraded before domestic and international media:

Also, what must not be forgotten is that there was overwhelming police and Basij presence in Tehran and the slighest display of dissent (say, a 'V' hand sign) was met with serious beating by the government forces. Even the 73-year-old opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi was assaulted and forced to leave and Ms Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Mir-Hossein Mousavi was seriously clubbed. Mousavi himself was not allowed to join the procession.

Here is an example:

Note that the detainee is not resisting arrest and another police or Basij is threatening bystanders with a paintgun.

Pro-democracy protesters used the absence of their security forces to show up in greater numbers in Ifahan, Mashhad and Shiraz. But, large numbers were still arrested.

Anonymous said...

PS: The links were left out of my comment above. Here they are:

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of how the opposition pro-democracy activists and leaders were kept away from the events, by simple brute force:

Anonymous said...

BBC always plays with the truth, I would not believe them if my life depende on it.

Anonymous said...

BBC persian service, has employees whose work and employment status deeply depends on keeping the British foreign office on their toes, what Iran is concerned .

They magnify everything into an end of the world scenario, just to stay relevant and to stay employed.

Anonymous said...

that report is discusting of bbc ,how could anyone in open eyes not to see million of million people in the rally just look for few hundered of us and uk element in the far corner has been lost the way. bottom line the movement of green has been eleminated and the new engagement will be war on west and israel will began varysoon the start of all . iran will be find way in persian gulf to distroy 2 israel war ship just inter few hours ago in persian gulf i see few iranian boat was going to fire some missile but the commond unite for now stope them i believe in few day or so both of israel corvet will be sank in persian gulf.