Friday, June 8, 2012

IAEA-Iran Fail to Make Agreement on Parchin

The IAEA said it made no progress in talks with Iran on Friday to seal a deal on resuming a long-stalled investigation into Parchin military complex. On 22 May, IAEA Director Yukiya Amano had announced that an agreement in principle had been reached with Iran during his visit to Tehran on probing disputed work on nuclear weapons at Parchin and the agreement was to be signed soon.


Anonymous said...

They want to drag the country there where the Talibans took Afghanistan in those years; islamic loosers ...

Anonymous said...

they're far too uptight to be islamic loosers

Mark Pyruz said...


If Obama had had the domestic political capital to accept an Iranian compromise at Baghdad, an IAEA inspection at Parchin would have been in the cards. But no...

mat said...

Iran is not that stupid enough and it is within its ultimate right not to allow and let in those Zionists of the U.S./Isreal-controlled U.N. visiting spies and agents into its Parchin military complex. No any nation in the world will do such an allowance. It is definitely a matter of the highest grade of sensitivity.

hans said...

Bide your time Iran, you have right on your side. The decisions to buy massive tons of gold, silver and tie your currency to the gold standard will collapse the fiat dollar. The rial will be a currency independent traders will want to use for trading, use mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Will any of the P5 + 1 members willingly allow IAEA to inspect their military facilities???

This hypocrisy is just sickening..Saddam opened up everything he had and yet was attacked so why should Iran comply? Iran is always being pressured to prove a negative. I don't even know why Iranian policy makers still continue with these talks..

It's even worse when fake Iranians also jump on the West's band wagon to blame Iran for everything.

Any sane person following this Iran-West "tensions" will conclude this has absolutely nothing to do with some Iranian nuke and everything to do with regime change..Unless you're not being honest with yourself...

Anonymous said...

Hey hans! The Islamic regime took all the gold abroad in 2009.
There is no gold in Iran.LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12 PM

Please take your off-topic nonsense elsewhere.

mat said...

'Iran will not allow Western spies to visit Parchin: MP'
Sat Jun 9, 2012 5:37PM GMT

An Iranian lawmaker has lashed out at insistence of International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano to visit Iran's military site in Parchin, saying that “Western spies” will never be allowed to visit the military sites.

The IAEA is pressing Iran for an agreement to give its inspectors immediate access to the Parchin military complex, where the agency claims explosive tests related to development of nuclear weapons have taken place.

“Parchin industries are non-nuclear military industries and we will not allow Western spies to inspect our military technology,” Iranian lawmaker, Evaz Heidarpour, said on Saturday.

He added that Iran has high deterrence power in military terms and is the dominant power in the region in military industries.

“The US and the West are trying to access information related to our military industries. We, as the people’s representatives, will not allow our military industries, which are devoid of any kind of nuclear activity, to be visited by Western spies,” he reiterated.

On May 26, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Fereydoun Abbasi, said the IAEA insistence on visiting Parchin is due to pressure from certain countries.

Abbasi added that Iran has not been convinced and “no documents or reason has been presented to us” to persuade us to arrange a visit to Parchin military site.

Anonymous said...

--- . The rial will be a currency independent traders will want to use for trading, use mark my words.-----

soon as i finish giggling, I'm gonna see if my dog will furnish something appropriate for marking your words.

please accept my thanks for the moment of levity.

hans said...

June 9, 2012 5:08 PM
Iran purchased in the month of April $1.2B from Turkey alone. This is what is known buy, I suspect Iran has lots more through 3 parties. China has also been buying tons of gold on the spot market. According to Forbes, China imported $21.7 billion in Iranian oil and exported $14.8 billion in goods and services. As the NDAA goes into effect, look for Beijing to ship gold to Iran to make up the difference. I suspect Iran and China will trade in gold. The Iranian rial will be pegged to the gold standard and maybe silver parallel currency. This is a game changer which should crash the fiat dollar.

Anonymous said...


You will never understand anything...and you will still say the same bull..... as you had said for over 30 Years now. Its the End of this Regime... ;-)
Meanwhile many of your Friends with you abroad died and the regime still survives. I am not a REGIME SUPPORTER but i also do not sale out my Country and much more important my Countrymen inside iran.
Because dont forget anybody that is for an ivasion from outside, is willing to kill his brothers and sisters inside iran. Nothing else.!!! Remember this when it is happening. And Remember sometimes lybia and google for it right now, so you can see how much better lybia is now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58 PM

Who is talking about an invasion man?
I live in Iran and I say anybody that is selling the country out is the regime itself.
The regime in 2009 took out $18500 Billion in a truck to Turkey.And that was the tip of the iceberg.
The regime is giving away billions of dollars to Syria,Lebanon and south American countries.
Don't try to convince us that we are sell outs because we are not. But ask your so called government in Iran if they are sell outs.
And if you can't see that they are sell outs then that is your problem.

Anonymous said...


Please stop drinking to much snaps!
The rial is the most worthless currency in the world.
If you have faith in the rial you exchange your "collapsed flat dollars"for that toilet paper.

hans said...

@anon June 11, 2012 8:05 AM

Tell me the same reply after July 1. So wait and see.

Anonymous said...


Don't you worry about that hans.It will be the same answer even after 4th July.