Thursday, June 7, 2012

Iran’s Membership at SCO Reportedly Opposed by Russia

Russian news agencies are reporting that Russia has opposed Iran’s full membership at Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) until the country remains under UN Security Council sanctions. Iran now has an observer status at SCO. President Ahmadinejad is attending the SCO summit in Beijing and Iran has pushed hard for full membership at SCO, a move that has apparently faced the Russian opposition.

Meanwhile, the SCO has issued a statement denouncing as “unacceptable” the use of force against Iran over its nuclear program.

Photo Credit: SCO Summit. Beijing. 7 June 2012. President Ahmadinejad is fifth from right. IRNA photo.


Anonymous said...

A line in the sand has been drawn by SCO when they say that an attack on Iran is 'unacceptable' and would threaten regional (SCO) and global stability and security!

This is how WW3 will start after an Israeli miscalculation. You heard it hear first.

This is a big diplomatic coup by Iran.


Anonymous said...

-----This is a big diplomatic coup by Iran.


hilarious contention, Russia is keeping Iran at arm's length and is making sure that Russia has no formal treaty obligations to the iranian theocracy.....and you try to pretend that this same Russia would be willing to go to war for iran.

You're joking. Whether you mean it to be or not,
your comment is a pitiful joke.

Iran has no champions and no support in this world for its nuclear weapons development program and should it come to war, The iranian government will have as much support as Iraq had in the First Gulf Warm and about as much chance of success.

Stop kidding yourself.