Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nuclear Fuel Swap To Be Discussed at Moscow Talks

The EU said today Iran has agreed to discuss the substance of a key proposal by the six major powers on its nuclear program, namely limiting uranium enrichment to below five percent purity in return for Western supplies of 20-percent nuclear fuel, during next week’s Moscow Talks. The agreement is considered a mini-breakthrough in the stalled talks [EUobserver.com, 12 June]. 


Mark Pyruz said...

In other words, recognizing Iran's right to enrichment at reactor fuel levels? That's pretty close to the position that was advanced with the 2010 Tehran Declaration..

However, the sticky point might be whether the Iranians are formally required to permanently forego higher levels of enrichment. The hard part is all in the details, as they say.

Nader Uskowi said...

That's right. I wish this deal could have been worked out two years ago, when the two sides came very close to a deal, but it's better late than never.

I don't believe the Iranians are in any mood to forego the 20-percent enrichment permanently, probably insisting on a provision to opt out, if agreeing at all to any halt of 20-percent enrichment. I just don't see the political atmosphere in Tehran inductive to any comprise at this time. At Moscow Talks, I don't expect any agreements beyond agreeing to more talks.

Anonymous said...

They will talk the talk.
That's all.