Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Exorbitant Chicken!

The price of chicken that was 25,000 rials per kilo last year has reached 70,000 rials, prompting the cartoon shown above by Fars News Agency’s Sajjad Jafari, titled ‘On the Sidelines of the Steep Rise in Price of Chickens!’

Meanwhile, the national currency rial keeps losing value and was traded at 19,400 rials per dollar on Sunday. Rial hit a record low of 22,500 last January before the Central Bank of Iran devalued it and set its price at 12,260 rials per dollar, which still remains the “official” rate. The CBI also raised the interest rates for bank deposits to 21 percent to prevent the currency's decline. But in the past few days, rial has started losing value rapidly. 


Anonymous said...

"The situation in Iran is better than ever."

A quote made by one annonymous mullah lover on Uskowi.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry the fat mullahs will have plenty to eat.
Pretty soon Iranians will be lucky to buy dried bread.