Friday, June 8, 2012

China Urges Iran To Show Flexibility, Pragmatism

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged Iran “to show flexibility and pragmatism” during the upcoming talks with world powers on the country’s nuclear program.

“China hopes the Iranian side can weigh up the situation, take a flexible and pragmatic approach, have serious talks with all six related nations, and enhance dialogues and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency so as to ensure the tensions can be eased through negotiations,” President Hu told the visiting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry [Xinhua, 8 June].

Photo Credit: Chinese President Hu Jintao meeting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Beijing. Friday 8 June 2012. AP  


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that the regime does not listening; they continue to lie - instead of yielding to cooperation; that's because the very nature of the regime is incompatible with an attitude that is constructive, truthful and cooperative; the next year will be difficult for the Iranian people; but now the world is left with the conclusion that the regime-change is only way forward; in that sense the difficult time that lies ahead of the Iranian people will be redeemed ...

Anonymous said...

anno June 8, 2012 2:17 PM

The regime should listen to nobody, neither china, russai, US, EU and not exil iranian and trolls and bloggers

The regime should only look to iranian interst and develop the nuclear capacity.
because all those countries also look to own interest.

Anyway despite all baD NEWS MAKING OF USKOWI
China and russa will support itan
nuclear right.

That siad putin in meeting with ahmadi nejad

Anonymous said...

You see the problem is that China is milking Iran for what ever it's worth.
Chinese charge 4% insurance fee on its exports to Iran.This amount involved could be more than $25 billion.
Rather pay Iran cash for oil,China keeps Iran's oil money uses it as a substitute to letters of credit.Insurance could double while any loses will come out of the pockets of Iranian government.
China also is using Iran as a dumping ground for their lowest quality products which is rejected by quality control going to the West.
Also keep in mind that the agreement China forced on the Islamic government is worse than the Turkmanchai 1828 agreement that lead to the humiliation of Iran against the Russians.These are undeniable facts and nothing can change them but unfortunately history has repeated itself as regards Iran and China.
In some respects,the Russians and Chinese are actually better off with an isolated and sanctioned Iran.
Why? Because Russia can sell its oil at higher rates as well as taking Iran's markets over due to sanctions and China can dictate prices to an isolated and sanctioned Iran.

Anonymous said...

Regime change from outside brings a lot more than difficult time for the Iranian nation if Iraq, Libya or Syria are any examples...Death, destruction, uncertainty, and decades of rebuilding and economic hardship...I am not sure if this is what any nation wants.

Anonymous said...

translated from diplomatic language, it's roughly a caution that if iran continues to take a hard line and rejects any compromise that they find to be intrusive that it will result in very adverse consequences for iran....and that they shouldn't expect China to continue to protect iran.

Anonymous said...

-----The regime should listen to nobody, neither china, russai, US, EU and not exil iranian and trolls and bloggers

The regime should only look to iranian interst and develop the nuclear capacity.
because all those countries also look to own interest. ----
well, I gues you have a point about that. iran should look after it's own interests, particularly as many other nations are going to do things that they think will further their interests, and they're convinced that putting an end to the iranian regime's nuclear weapons program is something that is in their interest.

If the iranian regime is convinced that they must have the capacity to assemble nuclear weapons, and they're willing to sacrifice their oil exports, their economy and even accept the probability of military attack as being of less import to advancing iran's interests, then that's just what they should do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:00 PM Anon 9:43 PM the same.

In your narrow minded opinion you claim that Iranians that live outside of Iran are no better than trolls.
So what the hell are you Mr high and mighty?
What the hell do you know what is good for Iran?
Are you even Iranian? I doubt it.
You know nothing of the situation in Iran when you have to struggle for a loaf of bread.
The regime took that right away, because Iran had the right to nuclear technology since the 1960s.
It's the Iranian regime that is giving away Iran's rights and giving away oil to China.
Pakistan has nuclear capability. Where the hell are they now?

And stop praising yourself pretending to be another person.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 PM.......Interesting what you mentioned regarding import of substandard Chinese goods.May I say that Iranian workers are being laid off work because of this.
They are even importing Chinese unskilled workers into Iran.Sad that Iran is being run into the ground by a bunch of uneducated plebs.

The man in Istanbul.

Anonymous said...

my friend from 6:06 AM

I wrote the comment @9:43 and if you think that my comment is in support of the one that I quoted, you should re-read.

I'm not only NOT that earlier person, but I'm not even remotely in agreement with that POV.

please do re-evaluate and retract.