Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morsi’s Office to Sue Fars News Agency

The office of Egyptian president-elect Mohammed Morsi will file a lawsuit against Iran’s Fars News Agency for making up an interview with him hours before the final results of the presidential election were announced.

“President Morsi was never interviewed by Iran's Fars news agency. The interview was fabricated and his presidential office has begun taking legal action against the news agency," Yasser Ali, a presidential spokesman said. (Reuters, 27 June).

Fars had quoted Morsi as saying that developing good relations with Iran “will create (new) strategic balance in the region” and that was “part of his renaissance program.”
The office of Egyptian presidency, as well as Mr. Morsi’s campaign organization, immediately denied such interview had ever taken place, but Fars continued to claim that it did take place and produced an audio claiming to capture the conversation between Mr. Morsi and the agency’s correspondent in Cairo. Morsi’s office denies that the voice in the tape is that of the new president and now it has decided to bring legal action against Fars.


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(PressTV) “Decisions by Egypt's Junta Unlawful: Iranian Cmdr.” One of the most foolhardy remarks ever made by a top official against their own interest. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, said that the legitimacy of a government either rests upon the divine appointment enshrined in divine religions or the popular votes in free elections. …therefore, all decisions by Egypt's ruling military council have no legal and political legitimacy as they meet no such criteria. Is it any wonder why Mursi have disavowed his detente remarks about Iran for such meddlesome commentary into the affairs of Egypt that is currently dominated by SCAF?

I have said that the Iranians are lacking in the diplomatic arts. Knowing that SCAF had dissolved parliament and was ready to anoint Mursi's opponent as President had the USA and the people of Egypt not intervened, why would a high ranking Iranian official offer such remarks at this critical juncture (I'm not a mullah basher and I know this was one individual's slip-up, but...)?

The Iranians want to be a regional power but its diplomatic skill is lagging way behind. This is the problem of having too many chiefs and no single leader on foreign policy.


Mark Pyruz said...

The Egyptian Islamists are especially sensitive to being painted as following the Iranian mould. Theirs is an insecure Islamist Awakening, without a Khomeini figure and without natural resources such as oil and gas.

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Firouzabadi,the secret weapon of the soon to be defunct IRI.LOL!

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Anon 11:20 AM...What do you mean by that??

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Anon 4:10 PM.....I meant they can use him to blockade the straights of Hormuz!