Saturday, June 30, 2012

Syria Talks Reportedly Deadlocked

A conference called by Special Envoy Kofi Annan to end the Syria crisis appeared "on the brink of failure," with the U.S. and Russia still divided over a role for Bashar Assad in a transition government, AP reported today. Russia has refused to back a provision in Annan’s plan that would call for Assad to step down to make way for a unity government, a stance that could derail the entire plan.

Annan’s proposal would have created a transitional national unity government comprising of pro-government as well as pro-opposition members to implement an ambitious timeline ending the fighting and preparing the country for a peaceful transition to a post conflict period of national reconciliation. Presence of Assad in a transition government, presumably as its head, would be unacceptable to the opposition.

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Anonymous said...

The end days are closing in on Assads regime.
And Rostam Qasemi the hillbilly is calling OPEC for a emergency meeting.
The regimes foreign policy is falling to pieces with Assad hanging on to dear life and the Hezbollah in Lebanon soon to be disarmed because of no Assad regime to threaten Lebanon.
The cozy little world of the mullahs is soon coming to an end.