Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iran Warns the West of 'Repercussions' Over New Sanctions

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, warned the EU in a letter on Thursday that new sanctions will have “repercussions” on talks over the country’s nuclear activities, IRNA reported.

“(The letter) warned the West of repercussions of taking action which is far removed from the logic in the talks and of using illegal methods against the Iranian nation,” IRNA said of the document. (Translation by AFP)

Today, the US started sanctions on foreign companies doing business with the Central Bank of Iran, and on Sunday the EU will start full implementation of its embargo of Iranian oil and the ban on insurance companies to cover tankers carrying the crude.


Anonymous said...

What repercussions?
This Arajiff can only do Shaltaq kardan.

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit! If Iran insists on continuing the weapons programs, sanctions as a response to iranian intransigence will force the Iranian regime to continue the weapons program with double intransigence !!!

And Iran won't be friends with us any more either, so there.

Anonymous said...

badbakht shod.