Monday, June 18, 2012

No Progress at Nuclear Talks

Six world powers and Iran reportedly made little progress on Monday at the first of two days of talks on how to end a decade-long standoff over Iran's nuclear program.

"We had an intense and tough exchange of views," said Michael Mann, an EU spokesman [Reuters, 18 June].
"The main stumbling block is that the sides' positions are rather difficult and tough to reconcile," Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister and negotiator, told reporters at the end of the first days of talks in Moscow.

UPDATE: Iran's Deputy Chief Negotiator Ali Baqeri said Iran and the six world powers have held "serious and constructive" negotiations in their first day of meetings in Moscow [Fars News Agency, 18 June].


Anonymous said...

let them commit suicide if that is what they intend to do ...

Anonymous said...

When that regime was offered favorable terms to end the war in 1982 by the Arabs.The regime decided to go all the way to Quds and thus Khomeini decided to take the poison because of his retarded failures.
The regime was offered good terms in 2003 regarding their nuclear program and they tagged the rest of the world along with their BS.
And thus we have reached 2012 and the situation remains the same but regime is far more weaker and far more entrenched.Without a doubt the regime has thankfully committed suicide.